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saturday evenin saw me attendin yueer's 21st bday party cum housewarmin.
boy oh boy, her newly renovated house sure is nice.
i love all her hotel like toilets and i cant wait to party in her entertainment room.
hahaha. her dad gave a speech before the highlight of the night.
well well, highlight of the night has gotta be.........
her present. it is a huggggge present..

a white volkswagen beetle! woots.

i rem talkin bout it randomly with eunice on our busride home before.
plus, yvette,abi and i mentioned smth like "for all we know, she'll receive a set of car keys"
woots. (: bday girl sure kept this secret from us well!

sunday saw me at another housewarming. hahah.
ms yueer drove us(EC n me) to school today(:

and life goes on
- 17:58


haven't felt stressed in a long time.
and i just felt it whilst doing my assignment.
the "so many factors running through my mind"
the jumbling up of theories.
the bite nails only when stressed ok!
and and even to the extent that my hands were shakin as i type.

the best part? it ain't even due soon.
and i'm thinkin, i was lamenting to myself that i am not stressing myself enough this sem.
or rather motivated and driven.

guess i threw all the promises i made to myself outta the window. gosh. feels remorseful =x

brother's bday dinner at grand copthorne this evening.
worth the price since it was a 1-for-1 deal. =x
we even had a slice of free cake for bday boy. presented beautifully.
and freshly squeezed orange juice on the house. (: hahah

out~ love!

and life goes on
- 02:00


read THIS. transsexual toilet (:
what are your views on it?
is it just encouraging them, egging them on to continue on this path.. OR
do you reckon it is just providing them the space they require?

stupidly walked into and sat in the wrong lecture room today.
was wondering why everyone looked so unfamiliar to me.
luckily i wasn't the only goon-do. hahaha.

statistics is not my forte at all. sighhs.
a whole module solely on business stats! just shoot me =/

thoughts and more thoughts have just been running through my mind,
can't stop these incessant thoughts.

and life goes on
- 00:21







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