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CNY celebrations were okaye.
just 6 performances.
but none can compare to
those i had when i was back at sjc.

the dance team(danistas) were great!
and lotsa guys stood up when they performed.
hahahha! guys... when they see girls.... hahahahha!

the highlight has gotta be the lil kids
who came to perform. they were the most welcomed
and the ones who received the most cheers too.
sooooo cute lahh please.
i liike the one standin in the centrestage in particular.
so young and yet she can dance so well. (:

alrights. have a happy Chinese New Year everyone. (:
and please drink liquid so that u wun get sore throat
from eating too much new year goodies. (:

; get hooked

and life goes on
- 16:01

hellooe helloee!

can u believe it? we're banned from using
highlighters in econ lectures. hahah!
and if u do use it in the lectures.
they'll confiscate it.
now that is smth to laugh at.
it's ridiculous.
bleah. i dun understand econ at ALL. great.
and there's the Q&A in the lecture now and den.
and the teacher has a name list! my oh my!
that econ lecturer looks like a gay. shhh!
and he rants on and on and i sit in lecture like
a blurrrrrrr sotongggggg.
havin no idea wad he's rantin bout. hahh.

lectures.tutorials. yawn.

my my. do i have such a common face?
teachers mistake me fer someone else
and vice versa. haha!
and it's fun to make fun of thy teacher
cuz he alwaes mistakes me for another
girl in the class. hahah!
his facial expression is comical.
i lovemakingfunofhim. teehee.

hmm. so our permanent classroom is on the 4th flr.
more importantly,
i have the Ms! <333
to accompany me thru the dae.
they're the reason why im enjoying school. x)

injustice! i cant stand the way
siti is treated. treated by YOU!
yeash, YOU noe it's YOU.

YOU are too much to ignore siti just cuz you've found a friend.
YOU are too arrogant, that no one likes to speak to you much.
YOU are such a hypocrite.
YOU want to show off too badly, causin people to be hurt.
though you may not feel it. or maybe, you just choose to delude yourseld
YOU are making yourself miserable, really. If you dun change, you'll stay this way. FRIENDLESS.
YOU are totally insensitive to the feelings/thoughts of siti.

siti is too nice to say it to YOU.
it's her nature,
and she just wants to let it go.
i hope you can sense it, but
apparently no.
YOU just continue like
siti has to do your bidding.
Let me tell YOU,
YOU can carry on with the life you are leadin,
but just a word of advice, YOU will NEVER be happy.

; after all, life has to go on

and life goes on
- 13:19


i so dun like my life now.
i so dun like my class.
i so hate everything.
i so hate myself.

perhaps i cant accept reality.
maybe that's the underlying cause.
i cant accept wad's in place for me.
the world is movin faster and faster.
the pace i must learn to catch up with.
i really must.

hilmi, thank you.just for listenin.u are a joker la.
cheering me up with that "fish" x)

caleb.many thanks too. x)


and life goes on
- 23:58







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