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bwhahahahahaaa,muh dearestx of junior is soooo mad at me. whahahaha..im feeling evil... she texted me this "u roten big fat mouth.now got sars. juz hope dat germany trip is not cancelled" bwhahahaa.. she's soo so so angry.i bet now she's cursing me. hahaa.. im a big meanie alrites. haha.

i hated the periods after recess 2dae.emath n chi.bah.shall not mention it already.we made mrs ku angry 2dae.hmmm.coz we din settle down just kept on yakking.yupps.

sighx.am toking to __ now, and she added the person i most dun wanna tok to. i'm avoiding them.not toking to them. arghh.. and the song playing, qing tian.alrites, im kinda out.

sky's so dark.gonna rain damn heavy.haix.aniwae, gonna go now.tuition.bahh..

= i'm feeling just lyk how the weather is lyk =

and life goes on
- 18:52

new template :))))) like it? hahas.

et* :)

and life goes on
- 18:48


i hate the emath teacher!!!! argh. cant teach for nuts. make us more blur only..for probability. we only had like 1 simple step by using the prob tree, and she had a half a page of working..fwdasadkdsfjksdfj.wad is this la..grrrrr..

aniwae, just came back from oral, worried for nothing, coz zhang lao shi's accent isn't dat bad after all.. "hear-able"

yesterdae, 1st dae wifout grandma.had to head gome wuick after sss to look after my brother. and guess wad? i oso had ta...... cook.. gawwd, was wonderin how i was gonna go about doing dat.. after the cooking, i smelt soooo of the kitchen and the fried fish, and i evenm had to mop the floor.. fwdwsdadajdlaijfog.. the kitchen looked sooo smokey affter dat.. wahahaaha.. luckily food was edible.. hahahaa.. but for a 1st timer, it's good liow k.. bwahahhaah..

think i'm going mad after the first cooking experience, 1 dae down, still haf another 29 more daes b4 grandma comes home, and starts HER cooking, so family can enjoy her cooking and not mine. bwahhahaah..

=i haTe yOu bUt i LovE yOu i cAnt sToP tHinkiNg oF yOu=

and life goes on
- 10:12


sent grandma to airport 2dae.rushed down straight after tuition.tot late le, but my 2 cousins, were later! waited for lyk 1 hr for them.yup yup.and when they finally came.....
my brother cried when my granda went in.as usual, wheneva she goes to visit my 2nd aunt in holland.yup yup. and my cousins and i were just lyk standing there, dunnoe weda to laugh or dun laugh at him.bwhahaha.
din do any hwk 2dae.no time la.and gotta hand in a math tmr somemore.bwahhahaa.volunteered myself and chelsea to help wid ptf.coz i din wanna go for sss and taf.hee.yuppies, guess dat's it..

and life goes on
- 00:35


2.4 passed, 5 batts passed.whoa~! which is so shiok.and it means no more such things during PE!!yipee.only thing satisfied with is my shuttle run.and sit ups.the rest reallie sucked.but am happie wid 2.4 too i guess.coz nva run dat sorta timing b4.teeheehee.sound lyk i so shi bai lidat.haha.
brin's shuttle run was damn good.10.2 or 10.5 i guess? char oso.penny too.soo fast.
poor michelle.she just short of 3 cm for standing broad jump to get her gold.and she went to retest, but to no avail.michelle darl, dun worry la.silver is oso good k..if u reallie wan, u oso can give another shot on mon.

came home wid boonbin and siying.my gosh.laugh on the bus lyk some stupid fools just let out of mental hosptitals lidat.they were looking at some ppl wearing tights.-_-'''' and after dat, they had some rather sick comments.*wink wink* can guess wad? hahhaha.. trust them to think of these la.esp siying.lolx.

[ranitha] dun worry too much.ur priorities now are ur studies, though i noe u wanna halp ur fren looads..

[char.lao gong] bwhahaha.u todae good la horx?? go "flirt".. tsk tsk.. betta tell me horx.. if not, "file for divorce" lolx.. takkaire yea..

[boon bin] bin ah bin.. sick minded gal..hahaha..my hair stand le..when u and siying "ban" all those looks..haha..

ookae already, i'm just going gaga.. hahahaa.. ciaooxxx...

and life goes on
- 21:42


hahahha..my brother is at me grandma's house.not coming home to sleep tonight!!! now u noe why my house is so quiet.. hahaha.. kinda feel pleased that he's not home..hehe..lyk got this feeling of being the only child at home and parents giving u their full attention.bwahahahahhaa.ookae, sorrie, guess i'm just too happie that my brother's not home..u might think i'm bad larhz, but i dun care! so relaxed wifout him.though it's kinda quiet. =)

yipee~!! no mid year's for us coz they want us to concentrate on our mother tounge and get it over and done wid.but dat'll mean more stay backs in da afternoon.bahh.but who cares?! it beats having mid years and it's so rush.

ms neo's last dae tmr.wondering how many ppl wld cry..sighx.change of teacher again.dunnoe who it'll be but from the "hints" mr arman gave, i think is ms adeline ng.*frumps* budden, who knows.we'll just wait till mon to see who larhx..best of luck to her[ms neo]!i would support her no matter wad.*grins* so would the class i guess. =)

aniwaes, dun think i'll be updating dat soon again. something's wrong wid me comp.hopefully it's not virus or anything.i'll cry! my daddy wld cry too[pay$$] hahaha..okok, i'm getting crazy over the matter dat my brother's not home.bwahahhaha.greatest gift since dunnoe how long ago.lolx.ciaooxx.till dunno when..hahahaha.. [mad oreadie] =p

and life goes on
- 22:58


argggh....wad's wrong!!!my mum's shouting all dae long!! showing us HER tantrums/tempers.ask her a question and she shouts at u if not she just ignores u!! arrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.cant stand this "home" animore. just lyk me bro.sAME! both their character same.wth la.both of u show ur attitudes to me n dad.aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh...this isn't good.not good at all..

couldn't sleep last night, insomia.so ended up writting geog notes till 3.30.coz i tot dat wld make me sleepy.but i still cldn't sleep!! my dad went to bed at 2.den ask me go slp, i said i not sleepy, he came out again at 3.30 and asked me go slp sae tmr cannot wake up.so i just went.lay in bed for dunnoe how long.1/2 hr more?? so i guess i finally slept at 4.and woke up early.gosh.wad's happening to me???maddness...

and life goes on
- 13:04


u call it good fridae when u are so irritataing?now it isn't just me who cannot tolerate it animore! daddy oso cannot!!so, i'm sensitive or anything ok! argh..so pissed now.
good fridae good fridae good fridae..aren't we supposed not to scold or quarrel or show black face blah blah blah 2dae?! early morning, my mum so angry dunnoe over wad.she tot mass started at 10 and woke us all up at 9.20 sae late alreadi so i told her it was 10.30.she just din belief.wadeva la.dat nvm, after mass, tot beta alreadi, den my dad ask her whr to go for lunch and she kept quiet.fine! dat made my dad angry too.nvm, in the end we went changi airport,den comes another thing.my bro was saying he saw a aussie plane and this is how he told me :there! down there!" i was looking and saw nothin den was lyk asking him, "whr whr??" den my father had to sae "open ur eyes bigger can?! it's there.look farther dun just focus here! the same goes for ur studies and everything!why must u 2 owaes quarrel over small things lidaat??" aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!I'M NOT QUARELLING WID HIM!!!!! last thing.my brother wanted coffee bean da hot choco, so my dad said, "let's get it later.after buying things at ntuc." ok fine, my bro accepted dat.den, after buying finish the things, we went to coffee bean, and it was closed.my atupid bro SULKED! this pisses me ook!! close means close already, wad more do u wan?ask u wan other things, dun wan, so later we drove out of da carpark, den i saaw coffee bean still open from the other entrance, so i told my dad and he purposely turned back for my brother's hot choco.we went to try and found out dat coffee bean had already offed their hot choco machine.so cdn't buy animore.my brother SULKED AGAIN!! and u ask him anything, wan this wan that?! he just refuses to answer and show me attitude!!! wth. hellooee.. u wan, we try n get our best to get it for u, if dun haf, it's not our fault but u show us attitude.wad is this!! den he cried and just kept quiet wheneva my dad ask him a question.cried al the wae home!! wth lorx!it's just a cup of drink! u cant blame any of us right?! a business has to close and rest for the dae oso wad.so happie my father scolded him.

sulk sulk sulk and show black face.is dat all u noe?!?!?! when eva u dun get wad u wan, u show ur temper to us.wad is this?! u r the youngest so we haf to put up wid ur nonsense?! WTH .

= maximum toleration oreadi.if u wanna continue.i'm sorrie.u'll regret it
[nonsense world] =

`sorry to make all of u read so long

and life goes on
- 22:51


ThiS LovE

i was so high i did not recognise..
the fire burning in her eyes..
the chaos that controlled my mind..
whispered goodbye and she got on a plane..
never to return again..
but always in my heart..

this love has taken its toll on me..
she said goodbye too many times before..
and her heart is breaking in front of me..
i have no choice coz i won't say goodbye anymore..

i tried my best to feed her appetite..
keep her coming every night..
so hard to keep her satisfied..
kept playing love like it was just a game..
pretending to feel the same..
then turn around and leave again..

this love has taken its toll on me..
she said goodbye too many times before..
and her heart is breaking in front of me..
i have no choice coz i won't say goodbye anymore..

i'll fix these broken things..
repair your broken wings..
and make sure everything's alright..
my pressure on her hips..
sinking my fingertips..
into every inch of you..
coz i know that's what you want me to do..

this love has taken its toll on me..
she said goodbye too many times before..
and her heart is breaking in front of me..
i have no choice coz i won't say goodbye anymore..
suddenly miss me cca.haha.had tis lil' farewell thingy for the sec 4 by the juniors.they reallie planned it well.thanks to irene, evan, grace and jocelyn.oh, and evan's sis.yup, coz she made this test-tube thing wid our names.so very nice of her even though she dunnoe us.yuppies,the juniors reallie planned it well,much much beta den us.shout out, tho u cant c tis, sorrie to ex-seniors!! i luRvve my red house members! they rawckk!!
jocelyn was very poor thing.her leg already injured, den 1 junior accidently stepped on her leg.and it bleed.she was soo much in pain.she was hobbling.
mr tan toked to me bout amath 2dae,aft sss.sighx.told me muz practice n haf a positive attitude etc etc.i just stood there.listening.btw, listenin qing tian now.sad.yupp.i kept quiet.din noe wad to sae.
siying went home 2dae.sick.hope she gets well soon.jocelyn too.

[just shut up! cant stand ur whinings any longer! tolerated enuff.argghh!]

and life goes on
- 21:37


went sakae after sch 2dae.wid marbe, qin, michelle and eng theng.so sinful.ate sooo much.made our money worthwhile.guess how many plates we ate???? 55!!!!! so many right>? gosh, but we made our money reallie worthwhile.haha.thinking dat the aunty who took orders from us was thinking, "wah, these gals sure can eat" bwhahahha.yuppies, was laughing the whole afternoon.we sat there from 3 till 5.40 lidat.so long, laughing all the wae.michelle was so innocent and blur.lol.den, marbe wanted water, so ask mich go take.den mich sae, reallie can take? den i said to her, it's free flow but not self service.and mich was blur.lol.sakae shld charge us 5% less fer the service charge, coz we took and refilled the drinks ourselves.lol.
den, saw shi hui there.from 6 joy last tym, well, is she recognised me.den at 1st i was blur.hahhaa.later, she became so familiar.lol.to think dat she actuallie remembered me.[touched] lol.yupps, shall end here coz tuition tym.. till den.hehe.for details of wad we did 2dae, visit marbe's bloog too. ciaooxx.

and life goes on
- 18:46


ookae, my dad's so in love wid "the passion of the christ" he's watching it again now.and he's lyk asking me why i dun wanna watch it since i sae it's such a nice picture,well, it's coz of dat stupified devil.he's or rather, her image would just keep appearing and appearing in my head.grrr.yuppieess.
was talking bout some "ghost" thingy in class when the ppl involved in da swimming heats went.wid michelle.xuan.chelsea & kmiang, was an odd number.ahhaha.so i was the one wifout a partner??wahahaha.aniwaes, dats ookae.yuppies, kinda fun though,the suspense.wad am i saying la.den after sch, went home wid siying n xuan n continued to talk bout this somemore.little bit only.yuppies.
dat's all for today i guess.hahaha.oh, din manage to finish ss paper..rroarr, which also means failing ss already, coz da question wasn't dat straight4ward.grrr.OH! mid year is starting on the 29th APRIL if i'm not wrong.so ppl, let's buck up.no more slacking!!

and life goes on
- 23:24


arrggh.i cant add any music to me site!wad's wrong?no matter how many times i tried still cannot.roar.irritating la.haha.
qinning was mad during tuition, drawing amoebas on muh paper! wahahahaha.den after dat, i was fed up,i took da paper n placed in on me left, den, for no reason at all, qinning started laughing!coz u noe y? she said dat christian wld see.-_-""" so i took it away.so funnie, the way she was laughing non-stop.aniwae, tution was total madness.qin was drawing amoebas n i was adding circles into them.den dunno wad we were doing,oh!the open close open close thingy chelsea did la.grrr.so irritating,we were trying to figure out the answer.den.... the tuition teacher was staring at us. bwahahaha.yup, so we quietly guai guai did our work, while laughing at da same time.
so far,cts done, FOUR! another SIX to go!! arrgghh.good luck everyone.do well.hehe. =P

and life goes on
- 23:19







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