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human relations - complex
i wish i could comprehend it.
human mind - a mystery
i wish i could unravel it.
human heart - contradicting
i wish i could understand it.

at times i reallie wish that hogwarts exist.
it'll be so fun to escape there.
the thought of death being all around is..
alluring but scary.
oh yeahh, im talkin crap yet again.

why dun things always go our way?
why do we have to fight for the things we want?
why cant things just remain as it is/was?
why must things CHANGe?

; after all this time

and life goes on
- 03:10

Libra Personality

Easily the most pleasant and beautiful of all zodiac signs, depending on which side of the scales you are on, and if they're balanced, Librans possess natural charm in abundance and an easy going manner that makes things they desire, quite easily accessible to them. Compassionate, generous and diplomatic, you will find people always ready to do you favours. Of course, you too will be equally helpful when they need you. You are often accused of being lazy, but it is only because you burn too much midnight oil and need to recuperate. Indecisiveness is your biggest drawback. It is a trait that often leads to delays; you spend an inordinate amount of time weighing up the pros and cons. You are most apt to postpone difficult decisions for as long as possible than face unsavoury situations. You will be frequently called upon to settle disputes, something you will do with a keen sense of justice. You can provide a heroic, gung-ho display in defending what you judge as right, and then when everyone agrees, you jump ships, raise the pirates flag and become the devil's advocate -- such is the nature of a Libran. You are like the pair of measuring scales that represent this zodiac sign; most of the times it is balanced, but then when the scales tilt, the Libran can be quarrelsome, restless, superficial, vain, confused, or even depressed. Then mysteriously it levels out and all is well, balance is achieved, the easygoing nature, the charm, the sense of humour and tact that will win you new friends and keep those other admirers happy. Librans are big collectors and great admirers of physical beauty. They tend to be big spenders. They like to live in beautiful surroundings and are fairly obsessed with keeping a clean house. In your need for material things, you will even flirt to get what you want. And by the way, try to be a little more tolerant towards those who make snap decisions or seem impulsive, because not everyone is Libran.

Libra Lover

Emotional relationships are based on equal give and take. Librans tend to be involved in a number of affairs and sometimes their affection and friendship is misunderstood as something quite different. Since you tend to get attracted to the opposite sex quite frequently, you must think before getting into a life-long commitment. Ideal matches will be with those born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Librans like to have friends come over frequently for meals and parties; being good hosts, they ensure guests have a relaxed and comfortable time. As a sociable person, you have a large number of friends; this could arouse a lot of jealousy and suspicion in others, therefore, an imposing partner would not be wise. You work very hard to be amiable, so you have no problems in getting along with family members and can go to great lengths to keep them happy and contented. The home environment will be comfortable and neat, a garden with flowers would be nice, but if that is not possible, a few ferns and indoor plants will be fine.

Libra Professional

Librans make good lawyers and judges. You will also do well in arts, especially music. Science and navigation too will attract you. Alternatively, you can become wine tasters or can even manage breweries. Your work and productivity are easily affected by your moods. You do your best only when you are mentally at peace with yourself. Financially, you will be lucky. A lot of you marry people who are economically better placed than you. Alternatively, you enter business partnerships that bring you money. You do tend to be extravagant but in case you fall short of finances; you will find friends and relatives promptly jumping to assistance.

and life goes on
- 03:01


a msg set me thinkin.

is it possible to be truthful to all your friends.

to divulge all your feelings and thoughts,

is it worth the while doing so?

would the person ever get tired of your incessant whinings and complains?

would you get tired of me ranting away here?

the answer to not divulgin probably gotta do with age.

the older one gets, the more one keeps to themselves.

its not that they dun treasure the friendship

or trust their fren, it's the fact that,

there's no point in divulging.

so tell me..

why is there a need for human communication

and understandin in the first place?


[When there was Me and You]

It's funny when you find yourself

Looking from the outside

I'm standing here but all I want

Is to be over there

Why did I let myself believe

Miracles could happen

Cause now I have to pretend

That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale

My dream when I'm not sleeping

A wish upon a star

That's coming true

But everybody else could tell

That I confused my feelings

With the truth

When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody

That I heard you singing

And when you smiled

You made me feel

Like I could sing along

But then you went and changed the words

Now my heart is empty

I'm only left with used-to-be's

And once upon a song

Now I know you're not a fairytale

And dreams were meant for sleeping

And wishes on a star

Just don't come true

Cause now even I can tell

That I confused my feelings

With the truth

Because I liked the view

When there was me and you

I can't believe that I could be so blind

It's like you were floating

While I was falling and

I didn't mind

Because I liked the view Ooooh.....

I thought you felt it too

When there was me and you

; deception

and life goes on
- 01:20


no more late nights from studyin.
no more meetin outside to study.
no more stayin back in sch till dark to study.
cuz it's over !

but i'll miss these times. definitely.
and the ppl
and the funny moments
and the lil chats

i had many things to say,
once i sit infront of this com,
i blank out totally, though many thoughts still run through.

was talkin to pearlydarl that day..
caused me to _____ momentarily.
i wanna noe the answers to those happenings.
oh whatever. sitting here wun get me any ans,
and i definitely wun go and seek the ans from them.
so WHATEVER. i shall try to leave it at that..
as long as my heart and mind allows me to do so

play play PLAY.
that's all that's in my head. lol!
anw, class chalet was alright. 
port dickson's great!
wish i could spend more time there. 
try all their activities. 
so, i've spent 5 days by the beach! and that makes me happy.
hehhs. plus a day of failed shoppin. HAHA!

shall get going now, off to read a story. 
all thanks to karen.lol. 

;it's never gonna be the same EVER again

and life goes on
- 00:03







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