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wad's the blardy problem with singaporeans?
they noe very well that there is only 1 lift available cuz the other's under renovation and yet they pee in there!!! wth wth wth.
blardy stupid ppl.inconsiderate fools.at least think for the old ppl who cannot walk up the lift la!!
if u own the lift then u go ahead and do it.it's ur property aniwaes, but it's not the blardy problem is it's not!!!! i do hope u all be smart and pack your brains with you next time you take the lift.!!

bahh.it has been a emath dae.3 periods of it for curriculum time, 2 hrs ppp and emath paper 2 as hwk.gosh.i need motivation, i seem to be dreading math.it's bad.tuition, plus this -cries-
nvm, i shall persevere.cuz maths' my forte right?haa.forgive me ppl, im talking to myself already.and u can infer that?? _______________
peserverance will reap sweet rewards right?and so i shall do so.-pats myself-

ciaoooxx.until the next time which i dunnoe when.takkaire ppl and dun fall sick.=)

and life goes on
- 18:55


blogger's bad.it wun allow me to go other ppl's site except a few.
and the reason why i haven been tagging is cuz blogger wun allow me.
dick lee's name sounds insulted.imagine going ard calling "dick dick!! wahahahaha.sounds weird without the lee.

oh wells, aunty called last night and began talking to me bout jc and poly and ask me bout prelim marks.
and when my parents returned, they kept bugging me to tell them wad aunty said.until todae still asking!! -_-
ENOUGH!!! even after telling them, they still ask, as if i hid smth from them.well, i did hide something from them la.
i cant possibly be telling them every single thing can i??

ah wells, sch ydae was kinda boring.
[entrance hymn was this is the day and i dreaded it.chelsea noes why.haha]
-aces day workout.
-find teachers
-go home!
wahahahah.went straight home wid delphine.yupps.

ptm this fri.im gonna get slaughtered.
well, is already kana slaughtered so many times.
kana banged by dad over amath marks.
helloew!!why not u go do it>??
it aint that easy!!damn.
it's practically banging me and harping on amath everydae!!!!
morning when he sends me to sch and at night when he returns from work!! arrggghhhhh. sTOP IT!!!bahhh.

cousin's gonna help me wid amath.another tuition tchr for amath.boo
more amath hwk that is.wheee.i shld be happy shldn't i cuz my cousin is willing to help me.but i dun wan it oso.ahhh.hang on for another 61 daes and it's over.

olevel CHINESE is on 01 november!!!take note for those retaking!!

and life goes on
- 15:28







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