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things are getting outta hand.

and im referring to the outcast of the class la.
damn. all the unhappy things happening in class.
and we are alwaes happily talkin bout it.
mocking people. aights. i admit im not much better.
im sucha hypocrite i think. rahh.

but i shall not sae it's entirely our fault.
she was also at fault. wadeva shit lah.
we have tried. but if she doesnt try. it aint our fault.

even the one who tries her best to be with her.
is slowly drawing away from her. g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y.

"everybody juz chill and be friendly la" -zy
hahh. just had to comment.
as though we wanted things to turn out like this.

i went to read her blog. and perhaps.
we are reallie extreme. maybe SHe shld try n change.
initiate things. damn!! i dunnoe wad to sae.
does every class have almost the same prob?
or maybe im just plain suay? f*ck

1s24 is not a good class.
in the sense that there are so many conflicts.
and zy agrees with me on this.lols.
and it's just over 6 months.
six (6) freaking months and everything is getting from bad to worse.
be it pw. her. the many evil things we have done.
everything of everything. maybe im just plain hypocritical.

bishan park was ehhh okaye. not as bad as i made it out to be.

anyhooows, i enjoyed my dae with jean sarina zhijia. x)
the maid was funnie. hee. M2 n M4 were funnie. hee.
too bad M5 cun make it la.she and her bball. x)
aights. i'll be off now. sch tmr. yikes!

[[a mask to hide the ugly soul]]

and life goes on
- 23:18

i'm loving it.
due to gravitation....
force M1 = - force M2...
i love my M2

the leaf just dropped nto your head and you were skipping all over the place.!!!!
haha 3 cheers and 3 cheers for M1!!...
lolx... okie dookie... tat's all.

M4 loves M1.....

may M1 stay happy forever..
we love you........

peekaboOooOooOo.... hahaz.
u juz blogged in my blog nia..
so here i am, returning u da "favour" :p

hmmz... sum1 caught my flu le huh... hahaz
ur immune system soOOoO weak de!
din even touch ur bottle top larhz!
hehs. ANWs... i'm gonna let da other M's haf a chance 2 blog here le..

WAT SAY HUH?? m7 LOVES m5!!!!

MAY THE MASSES BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and life goes on
- 12:57


so much fer studying =S
failed math again
when am i ever gonna pass it!
and im gonna fail physics too. =S
even with all the help given by tan =S

econ QnA tmr. bleah.
i cant understand monopoly!
damn. and tan2 is sure to call me.
though i give the confident cum blur look
hmmmm. principal's gonna sit in for gp tmr.
yikes! why issit alwaes 1S24?
we dun need all these extra attention la. bOo!

i wonder if i made the correct choices
-phy.econ.math? i had no other choice for this.
-everything else
argh. dumb. darn.

. pugnivigekilleefi .

and life goes on
- 23:14


i do not like i-learn day. period.
aspire hangs all the time.
simply because all SRJCians are attempting to log on
at the SAME time. bOo!
LAG!! freakin pek chek.

whereby we have to submit econ by 3 pm.
and i f*ckin cant open the chinese file.
and i had to get zy to tell me everything.
physics qn were so draggy and i cun get the ans.
bleahs. so i got 80/130. congratulate me - not
instructions for math weren't clear.
and i only like gp forum. =)
doing gp at midnight is fun. ahahahaha

bOo! i have to come online tmr yet agn.
to do the 2nd part of phy.yikes!
it's tougher than part 1 and part 1 is alr 31 qn long.
wad with 10 marks allocated to wad we have learnt online.
and 4 marks for views about the online learning. ridiculous.
allocation of marks- weird + ridiculous.

perhaps i shouldn't condemn online learning just yet.
they should encourage e-learning.
but not make it a 1-day event where ALL of us have to rush.
bOo! bOo! bOo! make it an all yr round thing
den none will have to go school. x)
yeah yeah. continue wishing geraldine

ladeedum. there's gp test tmr.
eeeeww. compre-qns summary and the dreaded AQ.
bOo! and math lessons after that. =(
it's not gonna be a fruitful math lesson as usual.
math lectures are crap.
with our class sitting rigggght at the back.
and the words on the powerpoint soooooo tiny
and the class alwaes not paying attention.
and i have the damned pw tmr.
written report draft. ladeedum.
i love my grp not.
seem to be doing a lot of things
but in actual fact we're incompetent.

aHH!! we missed PE this week! all 3 periods! unfair!
i wanna play softball! though i suck at it!!
believe it or not. i only look forward to PE lessons! hahaha!

on the line with zy just now.
he was sayin how our class outings
S-U-C-K haha.
cuz not all turn up blah. oh wells.
and 1 hr passed by just like this
whoooooooooooosh. hahaha.

heard that some people were planning to
commit suicide after receiving their o's results. in sjc
uhmmm i wish they would think maturely.
it's just the chinese results. =x


and i ranted and ranted and ranted

\\wake me up when september ends//
i need to snap out of it soon.

and life goes on
- 16:40


ladeedum. tmr's i-learn dae.
meaning we stay at home and complete assignments online.
and my frens are gonna meet online tonight to discuss. haha.
staying at home calls for celebration but not the damn assignments.
ladeedumdeedum. i think i lost my sanity. pardon me.

hmmmm. i am wonderin wad has gotten into me.
i've been thinkin and thinkin and thinkin lately. haha.
nono. not work based stuff. rahh.
and my temper is bad. haha! i flare at the slightest thing.
and i noe it's bad. but still.rahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i cant help it.
school todae. hahaha. was feelin weird.
seriously. i need to find the root cause of this feeling.

mr tan:this econs tutorial has been the most enlightening so far.
me: [thinks to myself] wad low expectation of our class.

i am so not myself!! especially todae. gloomy, black face. ugh.
it has been a long time since i was like that. rahhhhhh!
i wanna hit someone now. call someone. shout! go to the beach and let all out.

okaye. more people came online! hehe. and i gotta sae MSN cheers me up. lol.
it allows me to communicate with people and crap without worrying wad they'll prolly do to me if i were to crap in their face. lala!!! i'll be back with more crap at eleven! x)
i noe i will. are u willing to read?

aNd sUdDenLy i hAvE tHe uRgE tO tYpe liKe tHis aNd mSg liKe tHis. aHaHhahahAhA!

i love the M family! x)

and life goes on
- 18:51


found a skin i like. =)

wanlin had an extra tic for ndp.
but mum din allow me to go. boo!
will be off to aunt's house in a few minutes time.

anyway, sch was borin i reckon.
fashion parade was a flop.
our games stall was still ok. but den it started to rain. yikes!
wanlin jean zhijia sarina me. went to town at 11 plus.
to book the ticx for "bewitched" at 3.30.lol.
we had so much time to kill. walked walked and walked.
saw a few ppl. =)
after the show, pool tables booked. so went to ps. waste time nia.
and i met my mum at centrepoint.
was so tired.haha.
out for the whole dae and tired. but im contented. very in fact. =)

and to SINGAPORE.haha


and life goes on
- 18:08







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