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"'IJ girls' is a generalisation for girls who study in CHIJ schools and who like to hem their school uniforms real short, wear their belts real low on their hips, and are allegedly easy when it comes to the opposite sex," a paragraph read. http://jumzd.blogspot.com

(warning: this is just a lil section)

and life goes on
- 23:53

DAMN the uneasonable ppl. ugh.

playin time's gonna be over real soon.
awww. it's time to be studious once again.

sometimes i wonder,
why am i so affected by one's words and actions.
now i realise i shouldnt be.
cuz it really really aint worth it.
it aint worth my time.
apologising and all that sweettalk. crap.

ask yourselves, are you able to put everything down
and just do this? i doubt so.
in this hectic world, i really wish to be able to do that.
even if it's just for 10 mins.
we should all start inculcating this habit.
then, we'll be a less stressful society.

every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back'

; time's running. can i run with it?

and life goes on
- 12:49


/can it remain as it is

prelims ended todae! whooo~
so towned after that.
caught Miami vice. complicated but worth the $.
somebody get me the car. vroooooom!
and the boat.. *bump bump*
i'd love you man. hahahah!

ehh. town's pretty boring. wahaha.
i thought after months of not visitin
it'll be enticing, but i was disappointed.
yet its gonna be town again tmr. wahahaha
ironic. just lik how i am. wahahah.

and tell me, how lucky cld i get?
a few frens were in town but i missed them.
ughh. unfairness. wad is this? waahahahh

and i just found out that chelsea works in a cool place.
wahahhaah, at a jap restaurant in esplanade. how cool!
wahahah. okaye, that was soooo random.

; even things change, will you?

and life goes on
- 00:21


/ i hope YOU know who you are.

im sorry.
i dunno why i reacted this way.
i know i caused you to feel upset and made you think alot.
as i already told you,
it AINT your fault at all.
im the one who has problems with myself.
so please do not blame yourself anymore. no more..
you dun have to understand anything so dun pressure yourself to.
i've told you many times, it's ME.
yeahh, it's pointless thinkin bout wad you can do and all.
cuz the fault lies in me.
just be NORMAL. as normal as you can be.
i'll try. try to not ignore you. try not to make us feel awkward.
for the time being, you can just take it that im invisible.
wonder when it'll be when you read this. but yea.
i hope it'll all be fine, just as you hope it will be.
i am sorry.


and life goes on
- 15:34







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