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time flies when u enjoy.

the gatherin was pretty fun.
thanks to safy and chels.
suprisingly, a lot of ppl turned up.
guess everyone's has waited long enough
for this day to arrive.
yay! i got a few photos, and im glad!
too bad we din get a grp photo. =(
some were gettin me to share stories
cuz of ......... (details not needed) . HAHAH!

i realised, it's still sec sch frens
i can talk to and confide. hees.
and this 2 darlings are reallie impt ppl to me.
i mean wad i sae alright.

wanna say thankyou and iloveuverymuch
to my darlin rebby. (x
it justs feel GREAT talkin to her.
it's been years since we did that
and we could actually have a hrt to hrt talk..
i reallie appreciate it.. =)

another person i wanna reallie thank,
ANg ze hui chelsea!!
seriously looove this girl to bits!!
for everything..
the talk outside the toilet with the cheeseburger.hahh!
and the talk at the bus stop was the best!!
and she missed 2 buses just to talk. hahah!
now you're dead meat,
i'm so gonna bug u. u noe wad i mean.. hehhs

it was scary walkin back,
all the time i was thinkin weda i'll meet
a drug addict..
cuz my cousin told me she saw this packet of white powder
and a syringe, and a plastic bag containin glue.
just the other night.. -_-'
silly ppl, ruin their own lives.

i'm sad i cant join them tmr! boo! oh wells.
i think i've talked too much todae.
best be off.. (=

; it's still you people i love and cherish.

and life goes on
- 00:06


4 FAITH gatherin later later later!
wahahha. cant wait. hee!!

why is brokeback mountain R21.
hope my uncle comes back with it.
heh heh heh.
anyway, teresa,
the song u sent is nice!! x)

had econ consultation todae.
it's awkward sittin with the tchr,
havin no questions to ask.
awkward silence. ahahahah.
and it's times like these that stupid
questions pop out.
and ur tchr just wants to laugh at u.
ahahahahha! crap lahh.

my gawwd, time flies damn fast.
it's like WED alr. ahhh!!
tonnes of things left undone.
new sch term approaching,
gonna strive hard to achieve,
made a promise to someone,
that i'll only have good news for her.
hahaha. yeash! gambeteh!

im off! to get ready!
to go to safy's house!!!

; imustbeafooltohavefallen

and life goes on
- 16:52


omg, talkin to YQN can make one HIGH!
realie omg lahh. miracle
4 faith's gatherin soon! reallie soon!
F-I-N-A-L-L-Y lahh!
everyone pls come. pls pls pls.
-acts innocent- LOL!

finally i got my long awaited,
sleeepppp.. for the first in months.
which makes me a rather happy girl.
and im damn awake now. hahh.
and noe wad? i woke up in tears.
hahahahahah! damn hilarious.
i was dreamin. in that dream, i was cryin,
and i woke up to find myself reallie cryin.
hahahahah. not the first time.
this is reallie interesting.
why are there such dreams? haha
someone answer me. hahah

friendlies at cj.
erm, their court is err, slanted?
reallie weird. haha. not used to the orientation.
jieying sprained her leg, a reallie major case.
sighs, wonder wad's more will hpn.
morale of the team is low alr. oh wadeva.
not like im significant.
EVERYONE, please take care!

Who dares deny that this is true:
The whole is more than all its parts?
A whole love than divided love,
Or than half love from fifty hearts?
Yet who dare either this deny:
The part is more than is the whole?
That treasures halved with one dear love
Are more than double to the soul?

Arthur Dillon

; it shall not be an empty promise i hope

and life goes on
- 23:31







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