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[you were there]

I guess you heard, I guess you know
In time I'd have told you, but I guess I'm too slow.
And it's overly romantic but I know that it's real
I hope you don't you mind if I say what I feel.
It's like I'm in somebody else's dream,
This could not be happening to me.

(Chorus) But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

Don't be alarmed, no don't be concerned.
I don't want to change things leave them just as they were.
I mean nothing's really different
It's me who feel strange.
I'm always lost for words when someone mentions your name.
I know I'll get over this for sure I'm not the type who dreams there could be more.

But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep.
I was alone. I opened my eyes and you were there.
Can I take your smile home with me,or the magic in your hair?

The rain has stopped, the storm has passed
Look at all the colors now the sun's here at last.
I supposed that you'll be leaving but I want you to know
Part of you stays with me even after you go.
Like an actor playing someone else's scene

This could not be happening to me.
But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and empty sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and no, I'm not alone, I'm not alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

; well hidden ... ...

and life goes on
- 13:55


/dedicated to BIRDIE

omg, i wonder wad have i done to attract creatures!
the FLY, BIRD, DOG, CAT.. yeash!

when ys and i were in mac, muggin,
this FLY came buzzin... and it irritated the hell outta me.
and that ys keep insistin i nva bathe when it was her shoe!
wahahhaahh! that FLY! *swats!*

episode 2
as ys and i were walkin back to mac,
ys saw a card and went to pick it up..
and the next min,
PLOOOOOP! smth wet was felt by us.
more so by me..
Wth, the BIRD actually SHITTED on me!
eerrrkk. it looked like a worm though.
my FRESH encounter with the BIRD.

episode 3 &4
as i was walkin home aft sendin ys,
this DOG jumped out at me and started barkin
like nobody's biz.wth.i haven done ath wrong la!
and as i continue walkin, this CAT appeared from
nowhere, nua-ed agst me and stated mewin
HUH?!?! WTH?

is today world animal dae or smth?

hahs, i really think today's my unlucky dae. i mean it.
only one will understand . hahs!

; fate's playin me

and life goes on
- 22:59

/you'd never wanna know what im capable of. try me.

HAPPY BDAY JEAN! (11thoct)
was at j8 early to pick out a pressie for this gal.
searched for some time with 7others befor makin our choice.
hahahh.settled in subway for early dinner late lunch(?) hahah.
it was so much fun orderin. laughin at sar. heehee! =x
got jean a mini cake enough only for her.
AND,it was NEOS time. wahahahha! so much fun in the machine.
8ppl squeezing in that hot and stuffy stinky machine. hahhs.
so anw, hope she WILL wear our specially picked out pressie. HAHAS!

yea. and im wonderin why are there so many pretentious ppl out there.
like..... ....... dun they ever get tired?

and, someone told me
"it's like we have rice everyday, we are tired of it but we still get on with life."
hahaha. that made me laugh. and realise that its true.

there are ppl out there who will do all things to get u.to hurt u.
and they wun just stop at one. they'll continue and continue.....
and nope, no matter how close they are to you. they'll still do that.
and the sad truth is,
you can never escape from their clutches!
and they will never ever think they're wrong. yupps.

so i realise, that we should just throw them aside,
to let them rot. bwahahahah! *evilness*

im runnin off now, meetin birdie to study. hahah!

; so stop this

and life goes on
- 08:56







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