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watched the mel gibbson's "passion of the christ" from pirated cd muh uncle bought.gosh, u'll cry.it's so gross!i recommend u to watch this show, but if u haf a weak heart, den it's better not to watch it or u'll not be able to sleep at all.especially if da image of da devil keeps reappearing in ur head! it's so frightening! lyk it's gonna get u anytime. the flogging[using the wick to whack] of christ is so gross! u can practically see his flesh getting torn.ewww.it's in semitic[da language in which jesus used].so u haf to read the subtitles.if u miss a part, dat's it.u'd be blur unless u noe da story.there's one thing dat puzzles me though, why was the devil potrayed as a woman?! lyk indirectly saying woman are wicked.but i guess dat's us.hahaha.not insulting anyone out there or even myself.W-H-Y??? aniwaes, ct's postponed another 2 daes, thanks to some classes.yipee~ more time.lolx.ookae, gtg study again.tatas.till den// *smirks*

and life goes on
- 17:07


you suck, and that's sad
you are the "you suck, and that's sad"
happy bunny. your truthful, but can be a bit

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Neo Queen Serenity
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Yellow Love
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gosh.dun mind me.i'm just a lil' mad here. hehe

and life goes on
- 17:50

Orange info
Your Heart is Orange

What Color is Your Heart?
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and life goes on
- 17:43


gosh.muh brother's laffing lyk a crazy mann now.coz his claims dat his leg is pain and he wants muh dad to massage his leg.and there he is, sitting on da chair, leg being massaged by muh dad and laffing lyk a mad man.-_-""" haha. aniwaes, sch's starting tmr again.another term.more stress as da date draws closer.which oso means having to put up more wid certain ppl.grrr.
i am having dreams every night!dunnoe why and it's different ppl each night.though i dreamt of 1 same person twice during this 1 week break.lol.funnie da way things are.haha.
ookaes,shall just stop here.so takkaire everyonnee! work harder next term!=)

and life goes on
- 22:10


went to watch disney's beauty & da beast.whow, i love da music.and da skaters are so pro.whow!! love disney classics.it's soo nice.haha.u can go ahead and sae i am childish for this matter la.bwhahahha.anw. mission 2dae was quite ookae.made me realise things la.hmmmm.hahahaha.yup and ppl cried too.yupps.i lyk da skit our class put up.haha.go PEnny! RAchel! jeaNette! meRissa! VaneSsa kHor! not to 4get da ppl in "da choir" hahahaha.and us!!hahahahaa..kk..ciaoxx

HAPPIE BIRTHDAE VANESSA KHOR!! sweet sixteen.. =) tho u cant c this..haha

and life goes on
- 23:22


another dae at my aunt office.took 80 wid me bro.and coz it was raining heavily,my dad asked me to take it all da wae to harbour front interchange den take it back.argh.so long sia~ and on da bus, there was a mad man, suddenly for no reason at all, came shouting at da top of his voice at me bro n me!!and he was standing next to me.nvm dat,but was rather scary n my brother was so scared den keep staring at the man summore!so i toked to my brother to distract him.haha.was da best i could think of.
aniwae, tuition was at 9, but i tot it was 2!! so i had ta rush from my grandma home to my home to take my bag,and i went for tuition at only like, 9.30.lol.1/2 late le.den da tuition tchr said, "why? wad happened?still in holidae mood arh?" grrr.dat was alrite, wad i couldn't stand was the sacarsm in his voice!! argh..wadeva la.i only hafta "ren" another 8 months only, den it's over.haha.freedom.

and life goes on
- 22:25


went to me aunt's office.put off da making pizzza thing.lol.do till hand pain.paper cut..argh.yeap, but it beats staying at home.haha.was folding newsletter, slotting it into da envelope, opening da top of da envelope.closing da envelope, labelling.gosh~ so tiring.actuallie, is finger pain larhz.haha.yipee dee doo~~~ and now i'm home..lalalala.lol.now i understand how tiring ppl at work can get.hahaha.i wish i neva hafta grow up and be a adult.lol.
haf u guys watched da "grow" milk ad b4?sooo cute.da tune is so catchy.bwhahahhahaha.i just lurve it.hahaha.. =D

and life goes on
- 21:41

borreed..am watching easy come easy go mv on mtv[chinese] am at my grandma's house helping my aunt type things.haix, nothing to do here.but am goiing to make pizza later..wish me good luck in making it sia~ later turn out not nice i hafta absorb it.bwhahahhhaha..actuallie is my grandma wanna make den ask me help her.bwhahahahha..so hafta go buy da stuff to make it..yup.i reckon this holidae is gonna be soooo boring.supposed to go my another aunt's office to work for her, but i guess i wun be able to find da time to go le..wid all da tuition and lessons.argh. yuppies.busy holidae larhz.and wid all da hwk.luckily i finished da amath hwk which is supposed to be handed in on da 18.lol.kk gtg get ready to go pizzza shopping le..LOL.. ciaooxx.. take carez.... =)

and life goes on
- 10:40


both muh parents are at home..yupps..and nothing to do at home..haha..shall just rot and rot..sch 2dae was boring..bahhh..had mass, den after dat, had some stuupid quiizz thing which was so lammee..and unfair coz da rest of da sch hads 5 questions whereas da sec4s had onlie 3..Buttt.. wad da hell la.. hahaha.. ciaoooxxx

and life goes on
- 10:31







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