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im watching black and white shows at home.
but actually come to think of it, it's pretty nice ya noe.
and yea, why do couples like to shooouutt at the TOP of their voices in public?
they dun find it paiseh, other ppl would find it paiseh too.
the girl was dunnoe saying something and the guy went
hmmm. i found that funny cuz at that instant, the girl tried to argue back but upon seeing the guy's face, went all quiet. wahahaha. now that's hilarious! her expression was really funny.
sorta had a constipated look. and look as though she wantred to cry already. alright, i shall be evil no more..
hmm, yesterdae, was at this children's party at paya lebar cc.
not attending it BUT helpiing ok! hohoh.
yupps, kids are rowdy.hmm, some pretty havoc too.hahhah.
and there was this girl that looked like me[also according to my aunt & friend].hahah.
but i guess so la. =p. she's very cute too. wahahahha. infer.

and life goes on
- 10:27


sigh. sigh sigh.
many people are killed for no reason at all.
innocent lifes.
all taken.
bahh.ignore me if u must but it's a damn sad case.
hmmm. i just pray that more people will survive the diseases that are gonna break out soon or have already broken out.
more lives are gonna go just like that.
in sri lanka, the tamil tigers cant operate anymore.haaa! god's plan.no joke.
and though the casualties may be tremendous, but perhaps it's for a good cause too.
anyway, qinning is totally mad! insane!
mabbe the work has gotten into her!
hahahah! but i "pity" [sorry hor.vocab limited at present moment] her.
such a miserable sum of money for so loong hours.
and she might have to end up working some place she wun like. lol.
aniwaes, ciaooxx

and life goes on
- 23:35


poor poor ppl.
haha!was wondering, ppl were soo concerned bout terrorist attaks during this festive season, but hey-ho! nope! it din happen.earthquakes and tsuinamis[pardon the spelling] did. haa!
well well, tricks eh?on humans who worry too much bout a thing and are unprepared for another.
hmm.well, in this case, one cldn't possibly prepare for this la..
hmm.ahh wells.

so, i had my relatives all at my place just now.and i was the 'waitress' for my table! lol!
ahh wells, love my cousins lahh. wad to do? and im the mini host. wahahaha. not talking sense anymore.
nonono, it's not the thing that i drank.heh.
red wine red wine.hoho.on both daes.hmm. i din go all red like my cousins.hoho.
and so i heard it means im not healthy.wahahaha. ahh wells. =D

so, to all who wished me,
-bish- HAPPY belated BOXING DAE!!

and most importantly,
HAPPY BIRTHDAE to Jiawen![hmm, constant reminding eh? LOL]

love all!

and life goes on
- 01:58


tell me tell me tell me..
why why why.
why must we alwaes have someone over us.
someone more superior than us.
to tell us wad to do.
and because of that one "superior" person
everything is disrupted.urrrgh!
unfair unfair unfair!!!!!-bleahx-
release of the n'level results today.
well, ppl's hard work have paid off!
well done to my friends!
and it's also known todae where some ppl will be going to for the 1st 3 months.
pretty funny places some ppl got.hahahha.
eeeks.and popping 5 pills into ur mouth every 6 hours is no fun thing.
yucks! i hate pills! i hate the doctor! eeeks!
anyone wanna help me eat? LOL!

and life goes on
- 23:57


pam's party.sorry i din turn up gal.i cldn't make it.

went to my uncle's house.
supposedly to have carolling.i gotta admit the choir can sing, but the music.
eeek.so noisy.too loud.but they were good any-o-hows.
so many kids!hahaha.that was really good. ((:
i loovve kids.lol.brought my cousin and another one upstairs and watched cartoon.
i love my uncle's bathroom!so like a hotel's one.
nva go there 1 year and he changed so many things.
went to katong.
mother bought me a watch.
after many months.hee.
den it was parkway parade.christmas shopping.
that was b-o-r-i-n-g.
oh, in john-little,
a malay lady called very loudly,
"taufik! taufik! where are you TAUFIK!" lol.
i saw many heads turn.and taufik turned up to be a little boy.
i was wondering whether this aunty was trying to draw attention.
cuz her son has the same name as singapore idol's taufik.hoho.
and todae. nothing to do.hoho.
shall go throw everything in thy house todae.
"spring cleaning"! wheee.
ppl or rather KIDS. rimary sch kids are horrible!
blardy rude. or shld i scold their horrible parents who dun teach them manners.
HAH! was at ntuc looking at something.
there were these 2 kids playing with the plastic wrapper we use to wrap books.
apparently fighting. -_-
wanted to ask them to stop.but din.
in the end
both of them hit me.
and i blasted! haha. asked them to stop.
and the older boy went "WHY SHOULD I?!"
i had the urge of asking him to show me where his mother or who-ever was.
hahaha.den i'll not scold the boys but their guardian!
"tsktsk.dunnoe how to teach children.
you must also be as RUDE as them.such a failure.apologise now!
and you should go for mannerism classes. too!"
HOHO.i'm feeling evil.LOL! x)
sometimes i wonder why are ppl so dao.
human nature? or simply dun wanna sae hi to each other?
hahaha.but i guess no one can answer that question for me.

and life goes on
- 15:23


everyone's busy looking for job or already stated working. but me? hahaha.waiting till january.
well, jobs are seriously difficult to find. really difficult. either they are hiring someone with experience or they want someone with at least a diploma. haha. poor ppl seeking for jobs. now i understand how those ppl who got retrenched feels.poor them. having to compete with ppl like us for a job.BUT, this is reality lah. hafta face it.

ppl become more narrow-minded as they grow up.haha.define flirting.hahaha.gawwd.

~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
i tink he shd be comin on friday... not sure... but 56 n k one comin tomoro
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
n maybe jolin too
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
u shd go see jay... he's very frenly
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
ya lo...
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
he's nice
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
but his guards r very firece
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
that day before the 27 nov concert ah... he went clark quay wid that stupid wenlan n nanquan
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
he's very playful
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
then the stupid wenlan kept flirting wid yuhao n jay lo
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
i very angry!!!!
hate me cuz you can never be me says:
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
ya... i tink u will kill her
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
but her figure very good la... i have to admit
hate me cuz you can never be me says:
hate me cuz you can never be me says:
hate me cuz you can never be me says:
really really good..
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
ya lo...
hate me cuz you can never be me says:
alwaes shake.
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
always shake but i dunno how come her boobs neva drop off
~grace~=> the weather's getting cold take care` says:
hate me cuz you can never be me says:

seriously i think my cousin's are crazzy. chasing after every single idol. jay.nanquan.sly.etc etc.
gosh. haha.seriously rich and suffering from IM[idol-madness] hahaahhah. ahh wells.

michelle tan!! HAPPPY SWEEEET SIXTEENN! grow up. hahaha
huishan!! good luck for the interview tmr.hopefully u get the job! =)

and life goes on
- 16:40


sniffss.ahem ahem.

went to paya lebar cc todae, help the kinderland kindergarten n pre-n children get ready.haha! cry cry cry.yupps, i turn my head, and there's another one crying over there. HAha!! children.but they are adorable aniwaes.heex. =0). the pre nursery ones are really really cute.quiet too.lol.it gives a sense of satisfaction when u finally get the kids to shush. im great right? LOL!

my brother is moping the floor! haha! he made a pact with me, i pick up the things, he mop the entire house. hehe. child labour? NO WAY! he's paid. haa! and when my dad asks me to mop i dun get paid. haha! seems like everyone is busy finding job or already started working. okok. hmmmm.i shall wait.bout a month more.ooh, and i just found out michelle's coming back on the 14 dec. how slow am i? hmm. ahh wells, cant wait to see her!! =)

shall run now.to stop my stupiid nose from flowing.argh.sneezing the whole dae since yesterdae. plus a sore throat n headache. hahahahahha. ciaoooxxx.

and life goes on
- 15:52







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