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am i alone in this?

never a night where i can sleep myself till day.

we must try to figure it out, figure it out.

it won't be that easy. we lost it somehow.

you come over unannounced.

silence broken by your voice in the dark.

i need you here tonight just like the ocean needs the waves.

oh, the night becomes the space thats somewhere in between what i feel and what im

taught. sitting on the shoreline trying to figure it out, figure it out.

to find out the meaning and reach it somehow.

you come over announced.

silence broken by your voice in the dark.

i need you here tonight just like the ocean needs the wave.

fall aroud me now, like stars that shine and brigthen the way.

i need you here tonight just like this night it needs the rain.

the season has changed. the wind, it moves colder now, colder now.

the coulds are raised, the rain it falls harder now, all around.

you come over announced.

silence broken by your voice in the dark.

i need you here tonight, just like the ocean needs the waves.

so fall around me now.

just like stars that shine and brigthen the way.

i need you here tonight just like this night it needs the rain.

over announced, silence broken by your voice in the dark.

i need you here tonight, just like the ocean needs the waves.

just like the stars that fall around me now.

and life goes on
- 14:30


pls,let my frens get thru their unpleasant moments

i dun like not being able to help them much
makes me feel useless

and life goes on
- 17:42

effortlessly, you got me all plain silly,
entertaining crazy thoughts of my, AGAIN.

back to school. were lucky to see most of the tchrs!
and ms gan is now a tchr in RJC.
haha. sRJC to RJC. bet she must be damn happy. :S

wl:hey!!attach not? no gf now ah.
me: :S wad's that supposed to mean?
wl:i find u a gf want not?
me: :S
she's the ultimate lahh. hahah.

hung around. den lunch at kovan(the fav haunt) HA!
supposed to head to minds. then this wl mentioned theres mng sales.
so, yeappp, off to vivo. shopping with 7 aint easy at all.
in fact, no rewards.. hahah. walkin aimlessly.
mng,pull n bear,esprit,arcade,pets (the dogs are damn cute la!) daiso,white dog cafe.
that pretty much sums up our vivo trip.
omg, so loser la. hahahha.

i hate the toilets there alright.

2am, 3am, 4am, 4.30am, 5am. omg lah.
insomia last night. and i woke up at 8.30.
so half my time at vivo was spent yawning.
hahah, qN said "wad a waste of money." haha.

haiya, gotta go back to sr again.
cuz there's typo error in my cert. damn
those 'checkers' sure overlooked many of our certs.

off, eyes are half open. love!


and life goes on
- 02:06


i blow hot and cold recently.

relatives from holland came down.
how nice. my angmohhh cousin.
ok, they're talk about literally
EVERY topic. sex education. =S

mass comm? or psychology and biz?
come'on gimme econ. so varied. haha.

just had a great time chatting with pam
sharing session. oh yeahhh. hahah
it feels so great just talkin to sec sch ppl.
maybe its because you know you cant hide anything
from them. =)
helloe sjcians, i miss you dearly! do u hear me? :(

just watched spider lilies. nth wad.
why issit R21.

meetin the jc ppl tmr. the usuals. =)
cant wait. been long since we had an outing.
the best gathering was when we had the chalet. 90% came.
oh wells, im HAPPPPY!

im speaking so incoherently now.

and life goes on
- 01:37


genting with the family&uncles&aunties.
damn crowded.hate it. worse than orchard/vivo.
so irritating cuz everywhere i go,
it's nothin but countless people. x(

only bout 2-3 hrs of slp each day ONLY..
cuz of .......... the casino. HAHAH!
sneaked,ok, (walked whilst ignorin the guard) into the casino.
and lost cuz i was greedy laa. hahaha.
but who isnt.since we're in the casino.
slot machines are borinnnnnnnnnng.
sit,select bet,press button.repeat. omg laa.
so brainless.
i prefer card games. heeheehee.

oh, got caught once sneakin.
so niaooooo that femaleguard.
and ohh on day1,whilst inside casino,
i was tryin my luck fillin in some
membership card when this
bloody old aunty stopped RIGHT in front of me
and waited for me to look up,
den she stared at me.
top to bottom n agn for a couple of times.
so... bloody rude.
come'on man, bet im not the only underage person
in there. stared right back at her.. so angry!
so wanted to ask her wad's her prob..
wish i could dig out her eyes laa.
prob why i couldnt win. hahaha

it wasnt as cold as before..

i look kinda red and she black. haha.

aint she adorable with BIG eyes.

and shes super hyper and crazy x)

my bro just scared the hell outta me by sleeptalkin. =S


and life goes on
- 01:43


F pissed with myself.
having mediocre grades sucks.
being neither here nor there sucks.
having different comments everywhere sucks.
not being able to make MY OWN decision sucks.

i aint the perfect student breezing thru every exam.
you all are always contradicting.
first you say its ok, at least you passed everything.
next you'd say why didn't you do better.
then you want me to think for myself and future.
but you want to intefere with everything that I wanna do.

i may be at fault at times, but have you ever blamed
yourself? I think it's rather unfair..

oklahoma city university ranked 1963 in the world. how?
and since when's nus ranked 139? and ntu 450?
did i just surf wrongly?

clouded mind,blurred vision,hasty decisions.


and life goes on
- 01:06


it's just so unbelieveable.

afterall, quanlity still rules over quantity.

and life goes on
- 23:18


went school hunting today. =x
cuz im so stooopidd la..
if only they would just accept me la.
mdis n psb fed me with so much info i was so blur. haha.
main reason's gotta be........
it's been months since my brain was fed so much ya noe. heh.

feel accomplished today.

for going down to mdis.
mdis kinda gives me the homely feel.
i like! :]

and partly because i have finally submitted my appeal to nus.

now left with ntu...
groans, big headache with this one.

and because the father's so nice to not qn me so much.

lala, got a new bag and necklace from the cousin who went bangkok.
she flew for 5 days and came back with LOADS of things.
6pairsofshoes,countless costume jewellery n earrings n clothes n bags,so jealous.
now, why didn't she ask me along with her. =x
am so wanting to fly over there and shop till i drop. haha.

am so gonna go now.
take care everyone!


and life goes on
- 02:51







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