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she's the man!
go watch it. it's nice.
even more entertaining when the
everyone in the theatre loves soccer.
all the claps, and the cheers. x)
reminds me of when i watched goal
a lonnngg time ago.
so miss those ppl. =(

channing tatum!
channing tatum!
channing tatum!

heh heh hehhs.

and life goes on
- 18:48


as the 3 of us sat there
coldness was felt.
yes, we did not realli bother bout her.
neither did she.
we did tell u wad we were gonna do,
you happily chose to do something else.
oh wells, afterall, it's your LAST.
hope you WUN REGRET . (:

im so happy there isnt gonna be
all theseeee anymore. (:
rid of all the frustrations talkin to you.
and all that time wasted cuz of your nonsense.
all your redundant crapping.

now, you better NOT come to us
when the prelims are nearin to tell us,
you want it back,
im sorry, i will slap u upsidedown and say
'NO. you wanted to stop, dun come back'
sorry, but im THAT selfish.

feel so happy. hahh!
had 3 hrs plus of econ lect.
well, the lecturer was kind enough
to let us off bout an hr early.
if not, it would have been 4 hrs.

saw the vball gals.
hang in there! endure. =)

watchin 'she's the man' tmr i think.
i'd much prefer over 'the omen'

i wanna complain!
there's the 'wayang' thing at my place.
and i cant do anything! argh.
since afternoon till now!
and it's the second day they're having it.
arghhh. it gets on my nerve
and i freaking cant concentrate! x(

; sweet taste of victory

and life goes on
- 21:54


call me crazy, i dun care.
but going for holiday lessons
beats staying at home. xD
even though it's 6 hrs of lessons.
definitely! cuz of these ppl.

; crazy gy
; silly wl
; blur(evil) jean
; mentalnut zhijia

gp lect, it better not be him lecturing. x(
what's more..
there's 4 hrs of econ lect tmr! cries.
allow me to sit someplace else pls!
damn, how to survive.

aights, study study study!
i need the motivation to study!
ahhh! damn everything.


i just dun get it. why doesn't my message get across to you?
all my actions. it's been such a long time, yet you still dun get it.
i really dun know wad to do/say. im making it so darn obvious even kids will understand. yet, yet, YET, u frickin dun get it.
im being too nice, maybe i should just tell u directly. but that has its
consequences, it'll be awkward. definitely.
can u please please please get what im trying to tell you? please.
i dun care if it's at your expense but i'll be much much much happier that way.
PLEASE! argh.

; im going crazy.

and life goes on
- 18:09







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