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think bout 2 nights ago, i dreamt my father found out bout my this blog and was reading the entries.scared me.woke up from that dream.how stupid k.
went to meet muh pri sch fren 2dae.couldn't recognise her!omg.imagine that.she was the one that called out to me!-_-
saw the one she owaes toks bout.i just felt too weird being amongst them, i walked ahead n waited for her.later, her fren waved at me and i din noe!argh.stupid eh?

and life goes on
- 21:29


okok.i shall make this entry lonnnnngg if i can.haha.been lazy to update this thing.lol.
aniwae, parents took a one week leave!!!!! argh.which means jail-like-life.argh.nvm them.booooooo.
prelims are like 6 weeks away n im slacking.lol.not even wanting to touch the book.booooo.
last week was filled wid school n tuition!!i hate tuition.somebody save me from the tuition!!!!!!!i reallie appreciate if u wld.roar.
ooh, on sat, had the 1st experience of playing in church.omg.scared me like dunnoe wad.lucky thing, was only a small grp of ppl cuz it's a wedding mass.i was so happy after it was over!!wahahahahha.before-scared.hands cold.freaking out.but my frens pushed me n i thank them for it. =) after-sense of accomplishment.LOL.

and life goes on
- 18:02


saw a old lady fall while she came outta the taxi.poor thing.another family member shld have came out 1st den help her out.luckily she din hurt her head or anything.

did u guys catch the state funeral of president reagan? man was it grand n solemn.americans reallie give their total respect to their ex-president.whereas s'pore, when ong teng cheong died, there wasn't anything.no grand state funeral.nothing.probably just a minute of silence.wtf.

3rd week of hols already n i haven been doing anything.cept going sch.this sux.i wan the o'level to come here quick so i can get over it quick.i cant stand it no more!!!! argh.freakin hell.this is n o g o o d.


and life goes on
- 16:14


oops.the last thing, supposed to be [jac*mabeline] not et.haha.

boo.there's the trip tmr.hafta wake up earlier.yuppies.

geog class:boring.i hate physical geog.and i din noe wad ms low was toking bout.kinda blur.

amath:starting part kinda ok.den on to Kinematics and mr tan seemed to be toking greek.boo.haha.oh well.

guess shall just stop this shorttie enttrie.haha.ciao.

and life goes on
- 21:27


ookae...something's wrong wid the tag-board.it doesn't appear..hahaha..dunnoe wad i do la.hahaha.b-o-r-i-n-g day..tsk.
and it's gonna be b-o-r-i-n-g night..boo..tuition.but i hafta go meet my aunt after this coz she 4got to bring smth.-_-.sigh.rush lorx.yuppers.
boobooboo.i hate tuition..i simply dread it.grrr..argh.
right right right.guess im irritating the hell outta u all by yelling.so i betta go.ciao.
btw.i think the dementor's nice.haha.

and life goes on
- 17:33


thinking back.
the death of the pilot in US was so tragic.but he died an honourable death.i salute him.
went to see the funeral, coz he stayed the next blk from my grandma's.wad a "grand" funeral.so many fellow pilots were there.saluting him b4 his ashes were sent to i 4got where.geylang if im not wrong.aniwae[it starts wid g one.]
sighx.he was so handsome looking.so smart looking.must have been a great blow to his parents n family.btw,he's bro is oso a pilot.mabbe now, his parents wun allow him to be in the air force animore.sighx.

and life goes on
- 23:42

argh!!!!! THE COMP IS TURNING AGST ME!!!!!!!! argh. cannot do wad i wanna do.check some blardy mail oso cannot!!!! wanna delete mail oso cannot!!! internrt explorer just happilt shuts down on it's own.yess.thank u internet!!! arggh.. stupified pop-ups! i dUN need u.i repeat i DUN NEED YOU!! stop popping up!!

[u] said "takkaire of ppl's things.dun spoil it & blah blah blah."yess.i did that wheneva i borrowed ur things, and now, u borrowed my book and u bent the front cover!argh!and i'll bet u prolly said u din noe.HAHA!

[you]not to sae im bad or anything alrites, but the salesperson obviously wasn't listening to you rattle on n on n on!! couldn't u haf seen or sensed it? argh! they cldn't be bothered who is ur wad.wad's ur relation wid this or that person.all they want is the business n ur MONEY! not ur toking to them! geddit??!


and life goes on
- 23:30

it was HARRY POTTER day ydae!!wahahhahahahhaa

but b4 dat, had tuition in da morn at 8!!!gawwd.haven woken up yet.and it lasted till 10.50!argh!almost 3 hrs!!!cud hav died.

supposed to meet jasmine at 11.45 to meet bin & shan at the mrt station.as usual, jas was LATE.called her at 11.55 and she was still home.-_- still sae wanna meet me at 11.50, and she prolly come at 12.

went to cine.registered 4 the knight ride thing.den still had bout 1 hr, so went to take neos.6 ppl trying theit best to squeeze.hahaha.den, the machine run outta paper.made us kan cheong, coz the ride was gonna start.finally the neos got printed and we rushed.haha.
it was cool.the ppl drew the harry potter scar on my hand.and it's still here.hee.

took lotsa photos.hahaha.go visit meiyi's blog to see them.BUT not now.soon...

after dat,went bk.bahh.den they wanted to go arcade but too late.coz had to walk over to lido.yupps.jas.bin.yi.took the underpass.while qin.shan.i walked outside.were racing against each other to see who 1st.stupid them.we so good, stand at the underpass exit wait for them n they din appear.boo.so shan.qin.i hurried to lido.

haha.after the show,shan n i went off 1st.and we,stupid enuff,went to take the mrt from the wrong side.-_- so instead of 2 stops to douhby gaught[pardon me] we went to novena, and walked out, found the place so ulu.den we realised we took from the wrong side.*bangs head against wall* hahhahahaha.

on the train, was madd.the old train,had schreeching noises n i said "there r bats following us" to shan.hahahhahahaha.and we kept on saying n saying.hahahahha.shan just kept playing wid her snakey ballon.hahaha.

my bro's jealous, cuz he hadta stay home.and he's out wid my aunty 2dae, while im herreee.hahhaa.

and life goes on
- 10:58







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