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green:i miss you
green:bye bye

this silly msg left me grinning to myself. x)

and life goes on
- 01:59


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

life and death, how many of us can say we're not afraid of death?
and that we will have the courage to fight on no matter how hard the going gets.
"life and death, its all a matter of time"
funeral mass for a priest saw many crying
and it brought back memories for me. sigghs.
its all predestined they say..

and life goes on
- 00:49


Dream Interpretation- Hell
Hell is a symbol of darkness and represents your fears, anxieties, feelings of guilt and other negative energies, but also it is a place of purification and promises serenity in the end. A dream of hell is a sign of great distress, loss of hopes and frustration. It could reflect your current life situation where you have little to hope for and don't know where your life is going. More likely that after this dream your painful situation might still continue until through purification you will find the right path.

Dream Interpretation- Roller coaster
Dreaming about a roller coaster ride seems to symbolize the emotional ups and downs that a person is experiencing. Although, this ride can be fun, it can also seem out-of-control and even be a frightening experience. As a dream symbols it suggests that the dreamer may need to achieve greater emotional balance. The sever changes in mood and temperament are draining and unproductive and maybe highlighted by the roller coaster dream. If the dream is feeling emotionally flat and apathetic, then this dream may be a form of compensation

Dream Interpretation- Killing
If you dreamed of killing someone, whether intentionally or by accident, it signifies a period of severe emotional stress during which you must make a heroic effort to control your temper. To dream of being a witness to a killing portends a change which will not be entirely to your liking. A dream of seeing others kill insects or animals prophesies help from friendly sources, but to dream of killing them yourself predicts that you will overcome your obstacles through your own efforts

Dream Interpretation - People
Most often represents the different aspects of oneself; emotions, attitudes, desires, fears, etc. look to the particular characteristics of a person or persons in the dream.

ok wtf is wrong with me? serious problems. HAHA.
kinda sounds like i've a sad history. lols.

anyway, movie with zj.

cinema lady: is the seventh row from the back, centre seat alright?
me n zj : errr
cinema lady : or would you prefer third row from the back, more to the side?
me n zj : errrr
me : how many rows are there in the cinema?
cinema lady : oh, there's 10 rows.

omg. i dunno what to say i tell you.
i could have poked her or smth.

and life goes on
- 23:03


firstly, WOOHOO! its playtime. xD
goodbye to the stayin up late and waking up early to study.

secondly, it was outing with the girls after paper xD
like yay, finally town. hahh.

now, look at this

eunice :wah my leg gg to break
eunice :its dam pain
eunice:hows urs
eunice :haha
g e rr :lol. not pain alr
g e rr :ahahaha
g e rr : wth our topic damn funny man

g e rr: like old ppl
eunice: wth mine gg to break seriously
eunice : haha


and life goes on
- 23:50







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