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1 st thing said to me when i entered school today.
"you cant wear black socks, u need white ones"
" u cant wear invisible socks, it has to be visible"
just the 2nd dae and i get caught for wrong socks. hahahah.
and i was caught twice today for my socks. yes yes.

orientation day 2
pretty fun dae in the morning.
learned mass dance. to the song "let's get it started"
the steps are nice, yeaa. the song is nice, the beat is nice too.
gets u in the dancing mode. yeahh.
but it's fast! and u get lost halfway. hahah.
other than that, i love the dance. when it is mass-danced that is
and when it is perfect, like the ogl's ones. yeahh.

den it wasn't such a nice time after that.
sat in the so called "gallery" which is actually the place where u sit and
watch ppl race on the tracks. so hott! and sticky and all after the dance.
hmm.went round the school after that.
the school has many darrk areas. ooooh.
and the guys were sicko[as usual la,being guys]
dark places so can do ahem ahem. ya noe.please think dirty. hahaha.
tootified looking guys said it.
not to say im very pretty also. haha.

lunch and back to hall. srjc chorale performed.
had someone from newsasia come recommend newsasia mag.
cheered the srjc cheer. dismissed at 2pm! yay. early dae..
haw haw.

having a fiesta night on monday. ending school at 8.
after that night..........
it's studdy time. im lazy. hahaha.
ahh wells, it has to start somehow.
and somehow i forgot wad i wanted to sae. im getting old. haha.
oh, we're getting our uniforms only next week. booo. that's like so late.
cjc already got theirs.

oh! heard pamela appealed to come to srjc.
pleeeaaaasssse let pamela in. pls let pam in. pls let pam in.
*prays for pamela*
-love loads.-
i love the college dance! so fun!
mass dance too, when i aint dancing.hahah.

and life goes on
- 15:56


roar everyone! hahahah!
hmm.srjc is fine at the moment.
i woke up late this morning!darn.but i wasn't late for school.
met brintha, eileen and penny. =]
my orientation group's[og's] name is.
*drum roll please*
sounds like a cosmopolitian city or smth. roar.
sat for a looooooong time todae.
butts rotting, legs hurting. roar!
presentation of the subj blah blah blah
hmm, den break and icebreakers. roar.
chop chilli was a failure. roar. as usual. haha!
den lunch i think. hmm.it's expensive.
penny*brin were like saying we shld go back to sjc somedae. haha.
sooomedae i wonder when. haha.
oooh, learned the college dance. was a cool dance.
actually, before this penny and i wanted to run outta sch.
but got caught. LMAo.
learned the dance lorz.
but dun regret learning it. haha. interesting dance. mmmm.
hm-m-m-m. met the og teacher,mrs latha after the dance.
she's nice. wan her as my gp tchr. haha.
as usual, asked us to introduce ourselves and say smth .
so she cld give us a "nickname" or rather, make it easier for her to rememeber us
before i said anything bout myself after my name,
she asked me to "stop!"
"recall all ppl who have already introduced themselves" roar!
i recalled all. yay! haha.
and mrs latha said or rather called me "good memory geraldine" roar.
den i talk.obviously nonsense,
plus i dun like to give presentations in class and so on,
blah. in the end, i ended up with the name "open space geraldine" ROAR!
i'd rather good memory geraldine. haahaa.
oh, it was raining when sch ended and penny,brin and i no umbrella nth.
and luckily for us, a cab turned in!hoho.
but as we wanted to flag it, a guy dashed out and flagged it and dunno
wad penny said, hahahah.
in the end, had a free ride. to kovan station. hahaha.
booo. my cousin called and asked me the sch got cute guys not.
asking me to judge whether a guy looks cute not is like..............
asking an ant whether the ant can talk. LMAO.
i cant judge guys for goodness sake. hahaha.
penny said a guy looked pretty cute and my thought was "er,is he that cute? " LMAO.
goodness. im a sucker at this la. hohoho.
well well, shall be off now.
gotta do smth bout my hair.
cant tie. no time today to go cut short or smth. hoho.

and life goes on
- 17:19


roar. i could acces moe's site. could log in in less than a minute.
and logging out takes me so long! waited over an hour and till now, i cant log out!

boooo. let's see.
geraldine got posted to srjc(science)
she is pretty happy bout it. yet doesn't like it.
she wants to go back to school but yet she does not want to.
appareantly, there's a ct on april 1st. darn fast!
how is she gonna catch up? she wonders. roar.
she has to wake up early and rush to school before 730 every morning.roar!
there is no one else except brin who is going to the same school as her
as far as she noes now.at 11.07

but looking on the bright side, at least srjc wants to accept her. =D
thank you! haha.
and besides, the school is nearby, she dun have to wake up thaaaaat early.
6.30? 6.45? hoho.


just spoke to brin and both of us dun wanna go to school. hoho.
and we cant believe no one's in srjc!! boo.
so, we are gonna be waiting at the school bus stop tmr at 7 for ppl.
HAHA! and if there really isn't anyone, we'll go and make friends with fellow
convent girls. LMAO.
and being in srjc, we might [just might] just be the top ya noe. LMAO.

shoot! there's a week of orientation and i have only one set of uniform!
gawwwd. how am i gonna survive ? haha. wash it everydae or smth? LMAO.

well well, let's hope everyone got into the course of their choice. =)
good luck everyone. =)

and life goes on
- 11:47


hmm. just back from van khor's party at her place.
soo much food!!! a lot leftover too.
del's mum fetched me to van's place.
actually i was pretty hesitantto go . ooops.
but im glad i did go. =D
had fun laughing, and i realised how mad yar hui can be. hahah.
as in seriously siow. uhmm, can act very retarded very well. hoho.
played a few rounds of cards. van's house seem like gambling den. hahaha!
birthday cake was. as delphine said, chocolate-y. but nice! yum.
music and all. whhoo. had fun la. laugh quite a bit . took silly photos. haha.
thanks to yar hui . waahahhaha.
den "the exorcist" was played. caught only bits of it here and there. hahaha.
i am a lucky girl ya noe. kmiang's dad fetched me back.
hahaaha. thanks !! =D
now i have to think of things to do.
cuz no one's home yet! hahaha.
and it's pretty freaky,
suddenly u think that something just made a noise.
wahahhahah. im mad now.
so im out!
-ciaoox- love!
happy belated 17th birthday van van!!
love!! take care.

and life goes on
- 23:39


went to town todae.
with van khor, kmiang, chel, del, siying, pam, and..
walked to cine. and bought maria's bdae pressie along the way.
bought tickets for LEMONY SNICKETS- a series of unfortunate events.
luv that show. =D
had pastamania. den went to the arcade to play awhile. 2 bucks worth of game.

we occupied 8 seats. and were waiting for the show to start and who shld sit beside us?
yvette safy penny hwee min and joyce! conincidence . hahah .
which means the whole row 'cept for a seat were 4F'04 ppl!
cheryl yeo, ron and fren were also inside! hahha.
1st time so many ppl i noe in the same cinema. hahah. ]

went to heeren after the show.
boy, vankhor is a rich kid. spent $100 odd there.
hahaha. after that, walked to ps.
looked ard awhile and i left soon with kmiang and maria.


and life goes on
- 23:42


i finally managed to submit the JAE registration thing. haha. took less den 1/2 an hour. plus, it was 6 plus when i tried! hahaha. im lucky or wad?

anyways, the deadline is extended to 7th MARCH @ 6PM. so take note.

i wanna go IJC!!!!!!!!! but my dad says no. so sad. haiz.
i cried again. gawwwd . im being so dumb here!!
but i really wanna go IJC la. haiz.

anyways, here are my choices..

1) SRJC science
2) SRJC arts
3) biomedical science
4) biomedical science
5) biomedical science
6) business IT
7) business IT
8) accounting and finance

i also really wanna put hospitality and tourismm management[TP] as one of my choices but.........
refused by HIM again. grrrrrrr. i can bite off someone's head now i swear!


and life goes on
- 19:18


the result was released yesterdae. yupps, and our school SJC did exceptionally well.
well, i still remembered how mrs das like scold us and all,
1st, we din wan the mid year exam as we haven't completed syllabus.
2nd, we totally screwed up our prelims, got scolded like shit.
we pulled through!! we proved many teachers wrong. hahah!
to me, im exceptionally happy cuz i proved ms mary charles wrong! who needs sympathy marks! tsk!
i remember the incident when our prelim sci paper by 1/2 a mark, i failed and chelsea spotted mistake with the marking, we went to find ms mary charles
and she said this to me "SHE'S DESPERATE FOR HER MARKS' i was darn pissed at her. but now. hahahahah! i dun need it!!! yay!!
was darn scared before taking the result, din even wanna see it
cuz i tot i did really badly.
when i collected it, i just stoned. hehe.
L1R4-14 L1R5- 17
well, received msgs and calls even before result were released.
those ppl more kan cheong den me sia~
after that, went to compass first, den to town with
rebby, kmiang, chelsea and pam,
maria went back earlier..
met leon, geraldine, walked to i dunnoe where,
met matthew, sylvia, joline,yijin[i think?] and eugene.
slacked outside the pool place. cuz no table.
den, when finally got table, chel,pam,kmiang, me left.yeaps.
rebby and leon so funny outside,hahaha..
ahh wellls. todae, racked my brain over wad to choose.
tough sia.
i felt silly last night..
i actually cried hahahahaha. ciaooxx.

and life goes on
- 22:41







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