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4.30 am and im here.
hah .PW ..
or maybe unfortunate me to be in this grp.
gahhhh. seems like im alwaes complainin bout PW.
but i tell u. it is yuck!! gahhh. it's sucha good weather to slp in somemore.
gahhh.. mmmmm im hungry. gahhh.

lets just sae,
if u have weird ppl in ur grp.
ur grp wld be as unproductive as my. :)
meet and meet so many gazillion times.
but..... not much is accomplished. :)

ahhhhh!! gahhh. and [[he]] just made me pissed agn.
by wanting to leave. gahhh!
just cuz he's tired he can go?
you're not the only one.. gahhh!
claiming credit for Nothing done. GAHHHHHH!!
ASS!!!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!

im not to be trifled with and bullied! aSs.

maybe im just fated to be in this grp.
having the many conflicts we have.
the many USELESS meetings.
the many times i am treated like a printer.
i have alr chosen to give up.
i dun wanna commit myself entirely to pw.
why shld a few in the grp be workin and the rest not.
den comes a point when the hibernating ones sudd awake.
and den CLAIM ALL the credit. gahhhh!!!
pissed. gahhhhhh!!

i feel like doing ridiculous things now. GAHHHHH!!!
an jing by jay is accompanying me as i type this..
and sadly that cant make me smile.. gahhhhhhhh.!!!!!!!

maybe it's just me who feels too much.
there might be people who can take this..
CAN YOU? ? ?
oh well, does it even matter.

17 feels mature enough.
issit true if i sae many things happen when u hit 17?
when reality slaps u real hard.
and ur eyes kinda opens.
and u feel like giving up but u cant.
when u see the utmost concern from ur fren towards u.
when frenship problems sink in.
gahhh. wth is wrong with me.

-em dnatsrednu lliw eno on-

and life goes on
- 04:45


WAD you'll feel if
someone wakes u up at 8 asking u bout smth relating to work.
msges u agn to tell/ask u smth stupid
and a third telling u to meet in 20 mins time.
hahh. ridiculous person.

it sours relationships. hahh.

Superposition. wtf issit.
any kind soul wanna teach me?

hmm. i guess i'd best be off studying agn.
cuz victor's words are ringin in my head.
and mr chan's face just appeared.
counting the number of hours left till the promos.
hahaha. i wun forget how he scared me. hahh.

so elated to see MEIYI!! x)
and just saw smth which has made my dae.=)

and life goes on
- 22:07

1am-reach home from hospital
1 plus am-do pw
2am-pw still.....
3am-cant slp went to msg jean[whos awake]
4am-doing econ with jean
5am-still cant slp -__-
5 plus am- fell asleep
6 plus-woke up and got ready for school
7plus am-in school
3 plus pm-finally back home frm school
4 plus-6plus pm- math? phy? chinese :)
7 pm-slack!
7 plus pm-12__am 1 am? - pw........... plus smth in between.
that's how early my day started.
a thousand miles playing o'er the radio!x)
im freakin sleepy now but but but!
we're not done with pw. -cries-
[you] alwaes xin bu zai yan
we discuss pw u study econ or do ur stuff.
ask u do work u complain that we alwaes push
everything to u. FINe.
okaye. i dun sae anything.
[u] alwaes wanna rush off
wanna have pw meetings oso cant
ask u meet online u alwaes not here.FINe.
i shan't say anymore cuz u do contribute somehow.
[youu] i wanna scream in ur face.
maybe we just cant work online.
cuz we are distracted by other ongoings. maybe.
[uu] i thank u alot. =)
can complain alot to u. hahah.
and vice-versa lahh. x)
i have no idea why im talking like this tonight.
my english is ho-rri-gi-ble, te-lli-gi-ble and be-ge-ta-ble
hmm. i wanna say thank you to........
zhongyong again. hahah.
for having to bear with me and my complaints
hahaha! yeash lahh. ur marche treat soon. aft promos k.
the worst way to love someone
is to be sitting right beside the person
knowing you wun have him.

when people wear colourful mask over their faces, dont assume the world is beautiful.

and life goes on
- 00:15


I LOVE SJC!!!!!!
years ago i cun wait to get out.
todae, i cun wait to return
and get into the sch.
bloody stupid guard.
ms fonseka-for being such a nice person as alwaes <3
mrs poi-for not wantin to talk to me cuz i din take geog. =S <3>
mr chan w.c-scared us with the countdown to promos. =/
mrs thiru- for being so crappy. hahahaha
mr TAN g.c!!-for encouraging me. <3
ms lim m.k- just for remembering me.x)
mrs susan ng-for remembering my name as promised with some help.=)
MRS DAS!!!!! x)
LOVE all of them lahh!
-recess runs. HAHAHAH!
-the canteen!
-the homeroom system
-the FULL length mirrors!
-the beauuuuutiful pink and purple classroom
-morning assemblies
-morning prayer
-attendin mass on occasions
its reallie sweet.
everything comes rushing back at you...
regret not gg back on tchr dae itself.

and life goes on
- 19:19







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