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is smoking all that cool? i dun see wad's the blardy point of smoking.
alrite, mabbe i have no say. but come'on. why????
shorten ur life. yess. that's wad u r doing. go ahead!!
all the ppl. underage. old. working. yess. g o ahead and shorten ur lives by smoking.
i wanna see the police catch u[the underagers].i'll be damn happpie.  
yeaah. i'll be cheering then!!!! i'll have the last laugh if u get caught.
blardy hell.
early birthday greeting : HaPPIE SWEET SIXTEEN KMIANG!!
 takkaire muh granddotter.=)) lovve youu.
**\\ takke it or leavve it//**

and life goes on
- 17:58


FROZEN QUEEN/ KINGYou dont want love to come through to you. You like
it the way you are. To be unreachable, no need
to show feelings. Hiding everything inside you.
You are already used to it. You say yourself
that you dont need anyone, that you stand on
your own two feet or that you dont have time
for these things. But in reality you are scared
to get hurt. You feel save where you are: by
yourself, nobody can hurt you there. You
invent your own relationship in your dreams.
You just need to know that you COULD get a
partner.Thats it.

Your: Angry eyes. Chill out dude! No need to be so pissed! Sure lifes tough but you gotta deal. Your one hell of a ass-kicker and nver let anyone get close to you.
Your: Angry eyes. Chill out dude! No need to be so
pissed! Sure lifes tough but you gotta deal.
Your one hell of a ass-kicker and nver let
anyone get close to you.


and life goes on
- 16:56

oh WOW.congrats to our class.the whole sch just hates 4F.may i sae it again. hates 4F the core.yeah.mr arman blew his top in class todae.he threw the marker in his hand.
well, i wouldn't sae he was in the wrong.actually, he has been very patient towards the class already.
last week-mrs elan n ms low ,
class was noisy and restless wid mrs poi.
this week-mr arman.[and it's just the start of the week!!]
class was noisy in mr tan's class.
i wonder who's gonna be the next.ms fonseka?argh.yea 4F go on and piss everybody!
are we testing every tchr's patience.yess.if i myself were the tchr, i wld have blowed up long ago.
i wun be as tolerant as mr arman.nor ms fonseke nor mr tan.
the class seroiusly sux.

 "suck like when eating ice lollies"



and life goes on
- 16:19


chelsea came me hse to watch wqyl 2dae.haha.got home a little late cuz mr arman let us off 10 mins late.yupps.we recorded it.cuz she wanted to learn the "feng yun bian se" dance.hahaha.so hard.damn messy.hahaha

supposed to do history after the show.but we din.cuz we watched tv.haa.slackers.baaahh.aniwaes, jiawen[i dare put ur name k!] came me house too.yupps.so i had 2 ppl in my house.hahahahaha.yupps.

oooh.sokkim is my GF.haha.and wad do u guys think i mean by GF? i meant......... good fren!yea.chelsea tot it meant the other meaning.hahaha.but nonono.

[mabeline!] i din do ur dare.i just din dare.ahahahahaa.but i did another thing! i wan me smarties tmr..mabbe u shld get me smth more expensive!! cuz it's something qinning wld nva.and can nva do.ahahhahahahaha.*hands stretched out.waiting for pressie*lol.

aniwaes.geog test tmr.not yet studied.congrats geraldine.boooo.i hate physical geog! i dun think i'm gonna study aniwae.mabbe go look thru.

and life goes on
- 23:26


Have you ever you ever reached a rainbow's end
And did you find your pot of gold
Ever catch a shooting star
Tell me how high did you soar
Ever felt like you were dreaming
Just to find that you're awake
Cause the magic that surrounds you
Will lift you up and guide you on your way

I can see it in the stars across the sky
Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before
Now I finally realize
See I've waited all my life for this moment to arrive
And finally yeah

I believe in the impossible
If I reach deep within my heart
Overcome any obstacle
Won't let this dream fall apart
See I strive to be the very best
Shine my light for all to see
Cause anything is possible
When you believe yeah

I can see it in the stars across the sky
Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before
Now I finally realize
I've waited all my life for this moment to arrive
And finally I believe
Yes I believe

Ohh Yeah

Love keeps liftin me higher
Liftin me higher
Love keeps liftin me higher
I said love keeps liften
Love keeps liften me
I said Love keeps liften
Love keeps liften me higher
Said love keeps liften me higher
I said love keeps liften me high

I Believe :: Tata Young

I feel the beat around me
I feel surrounds me
Could this be real
I wonder?
No need for hesitation
It's time for celebration
Will this be the night I've waited for

When angels fall in love
Heaven knows, does it shows,woah..
If this love will last for eternity
Set me on fire

I believe, I believe in love
And like the stars above
They shine, let it shine over me
Set me free I believe in you
And that our love is true
Oh I believe, I believe

I see that people dancing
Boys and girls romancing
They want this to last forever
Cause underneath the moonlight
Everything is alright
We're reaching our hands up in the air

To where the souls alive
Heaven knows, that it shows oh
If this love, will last for eternity
Set me on fire


How could I doubt, what was meant to be
Everything I needed was in front of me
Your healing touch, will lift me up in the sky, so high


and life goes on
- 17:55

am reading some psychology thing now.man.it's making me kinda confused.but it's nice.the "securely attached" the "insecurely attached" and the "unattached" HAaaaaa! so which one do u think u are? sighx.

amath test is screwed.yea.i hate the tests.it's draining me.the more i do the worse i get when it's supposed to be the exact opposite.damn.oh and the prelims are less den one month away and i dun even feel it.haaaa.wad is this?

why do ppl tend to think more for another person than themselves? they cant even solve their own problems and they wanna help others who have the same problem as them..it's funny how u seem to noe how to solve and help a fren of ur's but not ur own problem even though u are going thru and feeling the same thing.ah yes.u might sae it's ur personality or u just love helping ppl and getting urself into a fix.damn.

and life goes on
- 17:34


for the 1st time.i realised friendster has changed.
or at least kinda changed.it's giving problems too.i cant accept testimonials[aniwaes,thanks sokkim] and i have this "1 new msg" when there isn't even any.haha.oh wells.

photo taking todae.when it comes to the fun shot, we were soo noisy.just like every class.haha.i lyk pe now!so fun.esp when we play.but i do hate the drills.i hate those.i just wanna play.lol.fun kicking the balls.hahaha.F-U-N!! ^__^

"somebody" was kinda left out 2dae and everydae starting this term.oh wells.not sae im bad or wad.but i think u deserve this.

in class, chelsea started singing.den yupps.mag.yc.me.kinda went gaga.all thru amath too.mag n i were thinking of cartoon song.hilarious sia.[pooh bear.powerpuff gals.pinky and the brain.bear in the big blue house etc etc]ahhahaa.

laadeedaa.i was in a tie frenzy 2dae.mag too.sooo we went hunting for tie after school.come to think of it.it was funnie.haha.went hrtland 1st.den the ties we sw were all so short!so cartoon.mag bought a cap!n-i-c-e.reallie nice.but had only one of it.haha.
so we headed to compass.in the mrt, i was lyk trying to wear the cap.but it was kinda small.ahahah.
we went to metro 1st.but the ties were lyk $39.90.and the lady said there was a 10% discount.she even tot we were getting it for our tchr!haha.do we look that rich or smth?and is tchr's dae round the corner?oh wells.haa.den we went to that shop beside metro.isrida or smth.yupps.finally bought it!wahahaha.she got 2.a orange and a magenta.
yupps.i was teaching mag how to tie a tie frm compass all the way till her stop.cartoon la.
damn funny.the whole dae, the both of us cldn't wait till after sch.bwhwhahaha.

shall go fiddle wid the tie already!!

and life goes on
- 17:45


yeah!!!! saw kellee 2dae!!! boy. has she grown!! she's catching up wid me!! haha. yupps, so a biig group of us went cine.supposedly to watch "mean gals" buT! at 3.00 the show started already, so we decided to walk over to lido, by this time, it was 3.15 already! so, rushed over to lido.by the time we reached, the ticx were already sold out!sighx.rushed there, den finding out the ticx sold out.haha.nvm, me and rebby went to get foood.yum.haha.so, we decided not to watch animore.chelsea.yi.shan.sy.dawn.jas.jac.maria stayed to watch the 5.30 show whereas yvette.rebby.kellee.me, went off at ard 4.10.walked ard a little, den off we went, hunting for the bus stop for kellee to take 36.but cldn't find, so she took cab from far east PLAZA.and the security was irritating!he said kell muz take it frm the taxi stop.and she was lykk wadeva.haha.
went bodyshop, cuz yvette wanted to buy a pressie for her mum.so, bought it frm body shop.after dat, rebby and i hunted for our bus stop, cuz maria said from, opposite far east.wad she meant was far east SHOPPING CENTRE and not far east PLAZA.haha.by the time we found the stop, reb and i were _______ tired.luckily the 132 came fast.haha. and on the bus talk n talk n talk till reached home.haha.yupp.
called dad to "inform" him i had reached home , and sweet-talked, so he wldn't be angry.whew.luckily he's understanding enuff.hehe. okok, i'm gonna bathe now.cuz i s-t-i-n-k. hahaha.. ciaooxx

and life goes on
- 19:01


i cant believe wad i just heard my fren told me ok!wth.
the STUPID STUPID things ppl do for money.
argh.why on earth are there such ppl who do such silly things?!
i mean, come'on la, u're[tho i dunnoe u]doing this all for the sake of getting money so that u can buy a concert ticket costing $100??!
so wad? it's just a concert.concerts can be held again though not the same wae, but wad u are doing, issit worth it? for just a $100!! i cant believe u are actuallie gonna do this! u're gonna regret it for life, i repeat FOR LIFE!FOREVER!it isn't some mistake u can just erase lyk how u do ur work.if it's wrong, u can still correct it, but this! im telling u, u canNot caNNOt CANNOT correct this mistake.the only way to save urself is not doing it!stupid!if i noe u, ill skin u alive!i'll do anything to disallow u from doing it!blardy stupid idiotic silly brainless person!

[the stupid things ppl do for money]

and life goes on
- 16:28


boohoohoo.pOrtuGal has lost...........oh wells.they are at then top.tho not at the very top.good play this morning la.they've tried.the closing ceremony so grand.singapore can neva achieve this.
haha.last night, while watching, i saw a milliPede on my foolscap!gave me a shock, i din noe weda to "fling" it outta my room or wad.bwahhahahaha.yupps yupps.shall eNn here for now.i'll be good and go STudY 2dae.bwhahahahaha.

and life goes on
- 10:48


thank you very much u stupid dumbass.bastard.u deprived of smth?!?!or rather i think u wan ppl to haf a good laugh?!hahaha.lemme tell u smth, u just need to stay behind bars for the rest of ur life.f**k off.pointing to ur dick.dumb.

yes yes.
i saw a flasher .and he was dumb.quite a few ppl saw.
looking out for gals from our sch to show off his stupid lil' dick.thank you huh!!hopefully someone plain clothes police walks up to u and handcuffs u and bye bye!!! let us see who shall have the last laugh den.

m going to chijmes later.but i think it's damn late.2 den go.haha.and i hafta be back before 5.haha.go support our sch.lol.

listenin was er ok
but, the answers quite indirect.
but i hope can get full marks.hopefully.

and life goes on
- 11:05


i screwed chinese oral.damn.and the tchr asking the question was like mumbling!how was i to hear?? argh! straining my ears to hear.argh! and dunno y, i suddenly mental block too!!ahhh.den said a few erms.haix.gone.unless the tchr gd.otherwise.haix.being the last is seriously not fun.boohoo.is there a retake for this?haix.nvm.

came home wid rebby.bin.thanks for waiting for me yea.=))special thanks to the timer cuz he gave us 1 min more.haha.and thanks to sharon tan too.=))

ahhhh.i hafta wait another week to see if bio tchr is mr lim!!!!!ahhhh!!!please let it be him!!!
*prays fervently*
i wan my mr lim back!!why do other ppl get him back??ahhh.
*continues praying*

everybodY!!!! go dig ur ears tonite yea?? so tmr can hear and we shall all score for listening k!!

and life goes on
- 18:44


had "free" period 2dae.in eng class.was talking non-stop.so, din do the compre given oso.ahahaha.how good eh?trying to sae "baobaobeieibaobeibeibao" very quickly.kinda funnie.ahhaha.esp when ur tongue gets stuck.
arman din teach too!so we went to the library!supposed to study.but in the end,kmiang.del.xuan.van khorended up laughing, talking.. chelsea must be damn happie!haha.at the risk of getting a booking.ahahaha.*winks* lol.

so, had mass 2dae.called the "darling gals" wahahahhahahaha!! if only the teachers were so good everydae.the priest was funnie.hahhaa.but i think he was more like shouting into the microphone den actually talking.hahaa.stupid.and guess wad??we actuallie get to talk during homily, and do some action and sae."i noe i can.be wad i wanna be.if i work hard at it, i'll be where i wanna be" hahahaha.have u ever experienced this in usual[my vocab limited] mass??ahahaha.

and life goes on
- 15:25







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