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fed up with the damn gpp.
or rather, more fed up with YOU and U
yes. no need for elaboration.
cuz it'll make my blood boil. roar!
rafael oso pissed k. rawr!

that zhongyong and muhsin phoned me in class?
haha! disturb me msg. rubbish.lols.

volley todae. made the rest wait for me for 1/2 hr, teehee.
[sorry, love love la. teehee. luckily only a few ppl.]
cuz was celebrating fatin's bdae. =D
her face turn so red! =D love that girl.
haha.she was suprised. =D

volley, played with jie mei shuwei flora.
and ------- joined. cld see everyone face change.
ooops. sad case larhs. mei& jie esp.
den continue playing. ------- talk talk talk,
not much respponse from anyone.
ermmmm.. awkward.
mei was pissed todae? so, ran track 2 rounds. haha.
sound ridiculous to think that im running.
i suddenly think running is fun sometimes?
esp, when u feel so pissed! and have so much energy in u.
you just wanna run it all out!
haha. im crapping as usual larhs.
attempted learning spiking ball.
fail horribly! but i'll try. it's a good wae of destressing!
cuz the ball wun feel anything as much as i do. =/
mei and i spiking as hard as possible. shiok la!

aights, it's practically a rubbish-y dae.
just yesterdae, im all happy and now..

and life goes on
- 12:02


ORION rocks la! =D
plus a meimei pearly as captain. =DD
aights, had track meet after sch.
overall, we did ok. close fight between aquila and us.
we caught up, from 3rd to 2nd. yupps.

volley rocks too!
glad u girls completed the run!
way to go! =D

sarina, wendy, xiao ji(qi?) eiileen,
good job too. =D

think i bend my stupid thumb too much during pe
whilst playing netball la. dumb, it's now freakin pain.
for a whole dae. ugh. thus also resulting in my slow typing.
waahhahahahaha! crapping as usual. .=DD

aights. ill be off now. =D
super-duper-y good mood now. haha!=D

and life goes on
- 19:49


happie birthdae chris ash!
happie birthdae seow joo!
happie birthdae meiping!

and life goes on
- 23:46


happy birthdae rebby!

and life goes on
- 19:32

happy birthdae rebby!

and life goes on
- 19:32


really not my dae.
2.4 re-run, flunked. and that stupid teacher just walked off?
evern before i reached?!
damn disappointed in myself but more in her..

played cards in school and got caught.
aiights, i admit that was our fault.
shldn't even play it in the first place.
got caught by a tchr who was in discipline com?!
so, we changed and went to the office to accept punishment.
1st thing, is ur uniform in proper?
do u have the redundant belt on?
is ur badge on? blah blah blah.
dammit larhs, i happily took out my belt ydae night
thinking, "haiya, sure no need belt one. "
arhhhhh!! i was so dumb.
den wanlin and i were made to buy a belt. dumb!
i dun need another one! lied to the tchr sae got no $$,
he said he'll pay first. damn!
and wl kinda give attitude.
next minute, someone from the office asks her to go some
container block give foolscap paper to JC2 taking exam?!
right, so that left me with the discipline man.
so he took his chance la..
"do u noe i've been very patient alr?" -stares-
-rolls eye at me- -continues staring and rolling eye-
nvm, i got my belt, i quickly ciao, den bumped into me ct.
"geraldine, did u ask sarina and jean to wait for you?"
"u noe u shldn't do that cuz u r having the seminar now?!"
-rolls eye at me- -continues staring-
i so wanted to dig her eye out!!
den, went into the lect theatre late, cuz i was in the office,
kana scolded agn? rawr!!

that aside, during volley,
we train, den if the ball outside the square, do 5 pumping?!
wah lao.... did like 100+
we played rally, and my team keep losing?!
so had to run a lot too?! ugh.
and volley lasted 5 hrs todae??? tired sia

happy birthdae victor! =)

and life goes on
- 21:04


a short entry. =)
aights, so i heard from my fren
that my civics tutor tried to slap her?
wth. i never knew jc tutors had those kinda powers.
and... we cant smile and say bye to our frens? lol.
wad crap. that ain't offensive is it?
wonder what my tutor was thinking bout.

hmms.school was pretty interesting.lols.
-the scence i saw[eileen &kat] during phy lect.
damn funny. lols.
-the many times i went to the toilet.lols.
i hadta visit it after every lect?!
cuz it was air-con the whole dae!
damn cold.lols.
my bladder got prob alr
-the toilet partner[jean] i've found myself. LoLS.
she has the same prob as me.lol.

i cant help but feel im the most stupid person in class. ugh
this totally sucks.
everyone's like so smart and all,
and im ______________.DAMN!!

off to study math now. ugh.
LAOgooooonnnnnnng!! HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAE! =D

and life goes on
- 19:43


G is for Genius
E is for Emotional
R is for Rare
A is for Artistic
L is for Loving
D is for Delicate
I is for Industrious
N is for Normal
E is for Expressive
What Does Your Name Mean?

and life goes on
- 18:43


dunnoe wad's with me todae.
stupid teachers.
stupid weather.
stupid school.
stupid everything.

it's been a long time since i kept quiet the whole dae in school
todae was the dae. my frens all tot smth happened.
like some personal stuff etc. but no, N-O. NO!
it's the freaking weather. ugh . made me dun feel like talking.
made me have a headache. plus the lecturers, make my
headache worse. stupid larhs.
i only started talking when it was 3.15? making noise and all.
that was chinese class. haa. i alwaes talk in there.
and the teachers swears he's gonna remember me for life.
lols. whatever. go ahead.
i love chinese lessons. HAHA! it's the best outta all the rest! =D

hmms. im really sorry for neglecting u[wl] todae. not talking and all.
dun mind please. though u sae u dun, but i dun really noe.

Memories are treasures no one can steal. Parting is headache no one can hea.l Some will forget you when you are gone. But I will remember you no matter how long

and life goes on
- 18:13







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