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was chatting with pearly and look at wad she told me.

pearlysimshidian the ultimate spoilt brat says:

well, mystery shoppers are ppl who go to the restaurant/retail outlets as customers bt they assess you on ur behaviourand everything. the overall appeal of the restaurant/stall, the service sequence, etc.

but you dun noe that u're being assessed

so i had fun being a mystery shopper

seriously, i wun mind setting up a biz lik tisit's cool to b a mystery shopperand if it's a biz like tis, i wld make sure i'd hv trainers to teach/train retail staff on how they shd b.

however, saying is easy.

but acting on what you say is different and difficult at the same timethat's the problem with me.

I love to talk about stuff. (But who doesnt, anw?)

And if i wanna embark on something, i'd make sure it's cool and perfect, if possible.

haha. sounds pretty interesting.
so i've been in the house for 1234 days straight and its boring me.
"wad to do you're sick" (ger's brain speakin)
i was tired of shoppin centres or for the matter,
hougang mall. haa. so i went walking around my neighbourhood.
crazy? no. air was fresh cuz it just rained. haha.
and tmr im following brin to lil india for threading.
no im not the one threading. i think i'd die enduring that pain.
just that once was enough. yay to new places to go other than
town/vivo (as maria said) haha.

and life goes on
- 18:17



back from JaPan(Hokkaido&Tokyo)!! love it i tell you.
Hokkaido's really a nice place!
the sights, the AIR, the temperature, the SNOW!!
temp can go as low as -5. woo, its so cold urs hands turn numb.
sg feels like a sauna now. the moment i stepped outta changi,
i haven stop perspiring. hahah. ok thats too exaggerated.
the only negative thing is that, the place is so big that u spend
most of the time travelling. initially, the scenery's really beautifuuul.
but as the bus moves on, you doze off. so there goes all the beautiful scenery.
haaa, do i talk sense?

i LoveLoveLove JaPan lah!

there are things that sg can learn from them,
firstly, those in the service line are attentive and courteous.
once you step outta the restaurant or pay for an item at the
counter, they smile, bow and thank you.
even those in shops that i'll like to compare to 77th st.

oooh, i saw many cute jap guys!! drools* hehehe.

next, sg toilets are oh-so-dirty.
regardless of whether there are toilet attendants.
and it smells bad.
ok, maybe not all are like that. but why?
why can japan toilets be so nice
even though the country is bigger?
and if compared to sg, harder to manage cleanliness?
"To be Clean was once thought to be respectful to God"
saw this somewhere in the toilets.
not the exact phrase but it carries the meaning.
haa, maybe we sgporeans ought to reflect...

many new experiences i shant disclose here. hee.

Tokyo was just alright. Not that fantastic.
I still prefer hokkaido(sapporo/akan).
ok, i prefer less of their city area cuz its so crowded.
budden again it has its advantages, cuz theres shopppppin.
oh yeah! my harvest wasnt that bad.
incl gifts for ppl, i bought 5 bags, 3 adidas jackets,
some weird weird stuff, lotsa cutesy stuff. loads of sweets
and loads of mochi. yum. heheh.
just regret not getting that bubble dress. so kawaii,
but i doubt i'll wear. haha.
and anw, the shop owner says i look really familiar,
and swears that he has seen me somewhere before. haha.
common face, wad to do? =X

who says we cant shop in JaPaN? hehs.

i could go ranting on and on bout how much i love JaPan.
but its best to stop lest you all fall asleep or navigate
away as soon as you see the length. hehehe.
ohh, those jap girls are really fashionable, and they
really dun mind the coldness. =x

tried sake. erm, alright la, strong... =x
ok, im still suffering from the after effects from
the turbulence of the plane. not a nice feeling at all pls.
okaye, byebye. sleep! hahah.


and life goes on
- 01:40


imma reallyyy reallyy happpyyy girlll todayyy. =D

caught THE REAPING with jean and huiwen.
nice story with a twist at the end.. plus cheap thrills..
plus some f* images that remain in my headd still..
all these, thanks to hw. hahah.
the ppl sitting to the left of us kept lookin over to our side, must be cuz
1) jean and her hiding
2) hw and i talkin
3) hw and i laughin at stupid scenes.
hahahahaha. oh wells.

short meeting, but im damn happy to see them.
pri sch friends. hahah. loving them and i cant wait for our next outing!

i realised im alwaes standin on the right in photos. ok, so random.


and life goes on
- 02:38


town and vivo with my2 crazy girls. the Js. hahah. JAC & JAS. and all we spent for the day.. $5 plus. at starbucks. -_- shoppin plan became window shoppin. madness started when jac's cam came out. hahaha. stood in front of the gym(at vivo) and started snappin away.

say hello to the lost sheep.
jas.. i think the 1st photos hilarious. xD

no shoppin bags to bring home, but i enjoyed a lot =D


and life goes on
- 19:06


woke up and had the i-wanna-clean-the-house-mood.
hahahahah. so i cleared my room. yay.
but it seems no matter how much i've cleared. there's still so much junk.
see lah,all my dads fault, up till now he still Strongly believes
that those secondary school books are gonna help me.
therefore, he FORBIDS me to throw'em.
yay(?) added junk.

avril's song girlfriend's stuck on my head since i dunno when.
"hey hey you you........."



and life goes on
- 02:15







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